Film Theory: Spiderman Saved NO ONE (3 Spiderman No Way Home Theories)

Film Theory: Spiderman Saved NO ONE (3 Spiderman No Way Home Theories)

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There is a LOT to cover about Spider-Man: No Way Home! So much, in fact, that we are going to be talking about three theories today. Yes, this is another quick fire round of theories. Get your web slingers ready, Theorists! We are going to tackle all the answers to explain the mysteries of Spider-Man: No Way Home! (Or, you know, three of them!)

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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36 Responses

  1. Cyrotech says:

    I literally just got out of the theatre the timing with this video was perfect lmaoo

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    The saddest news is the fact that everything Sony related won’t be connected to the MCU as you’ve said. They just teased us to mess with our feelings.

  3. Mannylo Anime Squad Life Lessons says:

    Why doesn’t Peter’s spell affect the other spiderman as well to where people in their universe forget about them too?

  4. Jonathan Dunston says:

    Did Peter say, “I want my girlfriend to remember,” or did he say, “I want MJ to remember,”? If he said the latter, then at best this would apply to every MJ, but not to every girlfriend. Same for Ned. Anyway, we already have a simpler explanation for why we only see villains. Any civilians who got sucked him probably wouldn’t have raised as much chaos as the villains, so Spidey and Strange just didn’t notice them. We actually have one example of a character who was pulled in that our heroes never knew about: Venom. For all we know, Ned could have found more Spidermen if he kept making portals. I’m sure there were some civilians who got pulled in and just didn’t draw attention to themselves. New York City is huge.

    • Smellofelderberries says:

      If I remember correctly, Strange during the spell after Spiderman mentioning MJ, Strange says his “girlfriend” will remember him (obviously MEANING MJ, but with no way of knowing other girlfriends exist, the spell might not care), and when Peter mentions Ned, Strange asks “What is a Ned” Prompting the response of “my best friend” etc. So it does kinda work still. Unlikely the writers did it intentionally, but the phrasing does work.

    • Projekt Taku says:

      ned could’ve just continually summoning spider men t’ill we have the entire spider verse.

    • zooper says:

      @Smellofelderberries I believe this is the correct understanding…strange was not making the spell to affect the multiverse so he could use non specific words like girlfriend and best friend in his spell. And probably more appropriate so that it covers ppl that peter might have forgotten to mention.

    • Tim Smithen says:

      “If he said the latter, then at best this would apply to every MJ, but not to every girlfriend”

      I disagree. Peter wasn’t the one casting the spell, and Dr. Strange isn’t a mindless puppet that does what is asked to the letter. In order to determine the letter of the spell, we can’t go through Peter’s words as those would be filtered by Dr. Strange’s interpretation of them.
      Even if Peter’d said MJ, Strange could’ve easily interpreted that as “the person Peter has romantic feelings towards”, or something else.

      Plus, we don’t know for certain if the “grammar” of the “spell language” works how English does. Maybe the “spell language” doesn’t even have a word for “remember” or “memory”, so the entire “sentence” has to be structured in a way that doesn’t rely on those words.
      And that’s assuming that casting a spell is like forming sentences. Maybe casting a spell is more like brickworking, or shaping play-doh.

  5. Luke says:

    In the comics, when a person’s memories are wiped and they come across something that whould have made them remember something, they simply say “I’m not allowed to remember that” and move on. This way, everything connected to Peter like his student records, the Happy-May connection and the necklace can still exist, but people can simply not remember why these things exist because they are ‘not allowed to’ by the spell.

  6. JoyBox Trickster says:

    This video just made me realize something. If we presume that Doc Ock goes back to the exact same point in time where he said he previously was, he probably might just end up sacrificing himself anyways to stop the fusion reactor. But this time Peter didn’t need to give that beautiful speech to convince him to stop it.

  7. Vyzard says:

    Dodging all those spoilers and trailers was worth it, so once I’ve watched it I agree it beats all the Avenger movies. Quite enjoyed them quickly dropping references to their old movies once all 3 Spidermen gather and can’t forget how great Willem Dafoe still is

  8. Doddser says:

    Having discussed this many a time with friends, I think the way the whole “sending them home” thing, is not actually returning them to the point they were taken, nor do I think there’s a version of reality wherein Doc Ock suddenly disappeared for a few seconds and the returned having a new chip in his head.

    Instead, I think the Multiverse spell takes copies of the dead characters, and pulls the alive ones out of their moment in time. After they’re cured – EVERYONE returns to the same time period (presumably modern day with Andrew and Tobey). That way, they all appear together, and the history of the words haven’t changed, nor have new branch realities been created.

    This way, Tobey would return with a now alive version of Norman, Otto and a depowered Sandman, and Andrew would come back with an alive Electro and Lizard.

    Also – I LOVE Matpats explanation for why nobody except the villains showed up. Very clean, and unless maybe there’s someone else in their lives who know their identities (which isn’t currently springing to mind) it works brilliantly. Even if there was you might be able to chalk it up to his caveat for Happy as just “and any other supporting characters”.

  9. Forgarate06 says:

    I’m impressed with how MatPat was able to make everthing about the plots and background info click together. Hats of to you sir.

    • Antonio says:

      Umm hate to say but he isn’t right if you break it down further. Take the apartment for example. We know in universe that people can pay for new identities which explains why he doesn’t have the suit during the final scene because he sold it. Also based on the final scene we see it is sometime in December meaning a few months passed giving Peter time to find a job. And depending on where the apartment is located and if it is up to code then explains how Peter can remain stable

    • Luis Sierra says:

      There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense in the movie but i was so hyped that i didn’t care

    • KT says:

      @Antonio ok but that doesn’t disprove him it just give another option to make him right

    • Antonio says:

      @KT it disproves a portion of his theory if these are to be taken with a grain of salt

  10. John Di Pietro says:

    I think it works overall, but there IS an alternative explanation for him being able to get an apartment without even those records: the Blip.
    As a result of the Blip and the following return, half of humanity, then came back to a world that had tried to move on. We know that in many places there were efforts made to rehouse those people who returned, with consequences for those who remained sometimes being rather bad (see Falcon and Winter Soldier). But, it’s also possible that there were other programs in place to help people out without forced relocations, and it’s further possible that they were willing to take people who couldn’t prove their identities and find them housing. After all, it’s not impossible that sometime after the Snap, their records vanished or were, intentionally or otherwise, destroyed. We know (again from FaWS) that people who vanished and came back had trouble getting loans due to not having credit for five years – if this scene took place after FaWS (possible since the film seems to take place over a few weeks of time in total, if not months), it’s possible that in the wake of the Flagsmashers, the government created new policies to help people who had difficulty with credit or couldn’t provide identification.

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