Film Theory: Tangled – Rapunzel’s Hair is KILLING Itself!

Film Theory: Tangled – Rapunzel’s Hair is KILLING Itself!

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Disney’s TANGLED is one of my favorite modern Disney Classics, but the movie begs answers to Several questions about Rapunzel’s luscious locks. Have you ever wondered if hair is actually strong enough to carry the weight of a grown man? Or if Rapunzel could manage the weight of so much hair in the first place? Well after getting tangled up in some research, Loyal Theorists, I have found the answers!

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20 Responses

  1. Elijah Dage says:

    so Rapunzel won’t snap her heck, but what about scalping?

  2. jonas heimbecker says:

    Think about the friction matpat!

  3. The Awesome Comet says:

    matpat you might not believe me mat but I eat enough protein that my hair grows 2 inches every month i have to go to the barbershop every three weeks

  4. LimitZero says:

    Hey guys i have something to say that make his theory be denied!

    Its a movie

  5. Mini Eagle says:

    wow. nobody knew. “So the idea for a new princess… uh… she’s a girl.” Think about that. Matpat’s in his closet and is typing up this scene. He thinks to himself “Hmm… what do we know about the tangled princess… duh… she’s a girl. XD

  6. cool_person 234 says:

    It was my birthday on Tuesday, Can I get some likes for being honest?

  7. David Foster says:

    My hair grows 1-2 centimeters a day.

  8. This Dude says:

    Mat doing a good video is like him apologizing for the For Honor, it’ll never happen

  9. Uncooked Fish says:

    But think about it, she has healing hair so her hair is constantly healing her scalp from that soo

  10. Plooshy Ploo says:

    Actually clicking the subscribe button twice would unsubscribe you

  11. Luke Anderson says:

    You forget that the point of her hair is that it heals her…

  12. Andrew Pfeiffer says:

    Can you do a original movie like princess and bride or nacho libre to do a theory on or something or is it all dicey theories now?

  13. Cassey Harding says:

    What, an episode on something that I know more about than Matpat? And I didn’t even need to scour Google Scholar to do it. As an owner of rather long hair (I often go by Rapunzel myself), nothing in this episode was really a surprise to me, as accurate and well researched as it is. Except that last bit that is, I’m no expert, but I don’t entirely agree with the logic of her hair destroying itself. Don’t get me wrong, hair is heavier than you think, I have issues with the condition of my scalp because of the constant pressure it is under. But I’m certainly not going bald. I see where you were going with the cornrows and braids but I don’t believe that it’s an accurate parallel. Those sorts of hair styles put a lot of unnatural pressure upon the hair 24/7, through the twists and tight positions. Despite her energetic nature I’m pretty sure Rapunzel still sleeps, sits still, etc. The pressure will certainly be there, but not under the extremes you’re implying. She’s still young too, yes her hair may be a lot now, but how long does the process take? Days, months, years? At only 18, with say only the last 8 to start worrying about the weight would it have suffered enough in that time to all fall out? That doesn’t seem likely to me. Just to throwing in my two cents into the mix. Keep up the good work!

  14. ThatGirlBarney says:

    ‘But her hair is magic!1!1!1!’

    Did you guys pay attention? MatPat says that yeah the hair is magic, but what if t WASN’t.

  15. Clorox Bleach's Wife says:

    Theory debunked.

    *Rapunzel’s hair got healing powers m8*

  16. Ivan good says:

    8:37 wait 12 tons = 11000 kgs ? But 1 ton is 1000 kgs.

  17. Nikhil Francis says:

    Hair can kill itself.

    So skin can kill itself???

  18. Justas Boom says:

    12 tons = 12000 kg 1ton is 1000kg cmon matpat 😂

  19. TheEpicMortis says:

    Man, you know what I really want to watch? A half-handed theory about a princess with magical hair from a mediocre film

  20. Tanner Bishop says:

    Do a theory about how strong Spiderman webs are

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