Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG… He CAN’T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War)

Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG… He CAN’T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War)

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Thanos – the big bad with a tragic past. We’ve talked about him a LOT on this channel, except we’ve missed one BIG mistake. Possibly the biggest mistake Thanos made the ENTIRE movie! He put all his power into a single snap but that metal gauntlet COULDN’T SNAP! That’s right, Marvel made a big no no and I am here to set them straight!

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46 Responses

  1. Alberto Figueroa says:

    Becasue Film Theory

  2. ManelX3 says:

    what if Thanos used the power of the infinity stones to create the sound? (i would do it)

  3. Zack 10 says:

    to be honest

    this is more educational than school

  4. Jayden Marvel says:

    You should’ve gone for the head…

    “Wait a minute”

    “You should’ve…” (Thor stabs Stormbreaker into Thanos’ head)

    Thanos Dies | Avengers Win!

    Post-credits scene: Hey you guys want to eat shawarma?

  5. Pat162 says:

    Dr Strange’s portals can’t pull out the infinity gauntlet, Thanos has an invincible skin, that’s why Thor had to use Storm breaker

  6. J4YD3N says:

    Bro that drool-butter thing was disgusting

  7. Casper Christensen says:

    I love when he shows the direct source for how he got the idea for the video at 06:00

    Oh I can make a video about that! EZ CLAP



  9. Fullmetal Potato says:

    Dislike since you pretty much stole the video idea from because science and they had done the video first

    • Maximus Bowman says:

      Fullmetal Potato he addresses this in the video. Watch it first

    • PeckNeckMyNeck says:

      Watch till the end, then comment

    • Luno ochoa says:

      So what if your fav youtuber did the same game as someone eles would you no because he or she has a different reaction and not only does he adress that in the video but he uses a differen way to find out the solutution so stop being stupid

  10. DeebO says:

    I said this in the “Because Science” video of the exact same topic, but a “snap” is not dependent on the sound it makes. A “snap” is the action of using your thumb for leverage to snap you middles or ring finer to your palm. If you snap underwater, you can’t hear the sound, but you’re still snapping your finger, right?

  11. BombatWombat says:

    first of all, he has the reality stone and the power stone so anything you know about “physics” is completely irrelevant

  12. AutoCreation GT says:

    It’s sad i cant really snap :'(

  13. A Commenter says:

    When you make a comment about snapping

  14. Chris Palmer says:

    My finger hurts from snapping now…

  15. Matt Spicer says:

    Waiting for this to be on trending haha

  16. Shae 029 says:

    I love you film theory, but as soon as you said Dr Strange was your favorite I died a little inside. I mean….he literally was driving on his phone at next on a long dark twisty road next to a steep cliff….but everyone forgets that cause you know he’s “Dr strange”.

  17. SAK- SOON says:

    I’m sure everyone is trying to snap their fingers while watching this video.

  18. IceTiger Yurio says:

    Loki is alive

  19. Qwex0091 says:

    Bet if the gauntlet was made from vibranium he could’ve snap with no problem.

  20. 96gamers Ben says:

    This is marvel. Nothing makes sense. There’s magic docters, OP Panthers, a guy with a bow and arrow fighting aliens and robots. Anything can happen. But cool vid anyway. I can’t wait for avengers 4!

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