Film Theory: The Avenger That RUINED Dark Phoenix!

Film Theory: The Avenger That RUINED Dark Phoenix!

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The latest movie in the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix, came out in a blaze of… well, not glory. This movie got HORRIBLE reviews – critics and fans alike were NOT here for Jean Grey’s big fiery moment. Why was that? Why did this movie do so EPICALLY bad? Well, that’s actually on Marvel itself. Oh, I don’t mean Marvel Fox – I’m talking Marvel DISNEY and it’s cast of Avengers. Specifically, one single Avenger that caused Dark Phoenix to FAIL!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: BanditRants and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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68 Responses

  1. 7he Game 7hester says:

    Me: Ha! Try and make me believe that captain marvel and Jean Grey a the same!

    Matpat: Hold my beer…

    • TheRezro says:

      Mar-Vel was always one of hosts of Pheonix Force. Because shitty adaptations don’t understand that Joan and Phoenix aren’t the same, it doesn’t change this fact.
      PS: If I would retcon X-Man in MCU, I think it would make most sense if that was thing of the past with Xavier erasing humanity collective consciousness of mutants. After all X-man and Inhuman are basically the same and they in fact already introduced Celestials (Ego) and Ethernals (Thanos) anyway. Also Joan is dead also in comic.

    • Cybersteel Ex says:

      @TheRezro No more mutants

    • Goku Black says:

      @Seerkamban Elangovadikal Haha how old are you ? ?

    • GamerDeedat Bogabong says:

      More like Diet Coke

  2. Eddie Spigetie says:

    Hey I live there. 0:06
    O ya don’t mind my profile pic it’s a coincidence.

  3. Insecdroid-Games and Other Crap says:

    I thought Captain Marvel was about a Flerken named goose and his side kick, Samuel L Jackson.

  4. R says:

    If fox had just adapted the Phoenix saga properly they would have been fine. The similarities are only there because phoenix was so watered down that it was unrecognisable.

    • TheRezro says:

      I even joking that it should be in fact Onclought, as split personality was his thing. Dark Phoenix was eldritch abomination convinced to be Joan, after all. Whole gimmick was that she was so disjointed from her memory that enemy could easily convince her that she was someone else.

    • Mark Chapman says:

      Fox saying “We learned nothing from the failure of rushing this epic story out as a single movie the last time, and we’ll make it In Name Only anyway, including shoehorning in Mystique and Magneto even though they had nothing to do with the original” made it very easy for me to just ignore it.

  5. Benjamin Dunn says:

    To be honest, I thought that the Dark Phoenix poster was a Captain Marvel poster at first glance.

  6. King Yamcha says:

    Bill Gates: I’m the richest man alive probably.

    Mickey Mouse: *Hold my clubhouse*

  7. Mr Mordacai Smith says:

    When I first saw the dark phoenix poster, I was really far away from it. and I thought it was captain marvel, since both posters are very similar.

  8. Savin Wangtal says:

    After all the bad sequels, nobody outside of the geek circle wants anything to do with XMen

  9. Ruqaiya Swan says:

    I feel like when my grandchild will be born everything will be owned by Disney then I’ll be like
    *back in my days there were multiple movies studio’s*

    Edit:Tysm for the likes I have never gotten this much before ?

    • Icy Piza says:

      And also websites because google owns it all!

      But googles probably not evil like disney.At least……… I hope so

    • Steven Newman says:

      @Icy Piza Google, is engineering A.I. that will eventually control our thoughts, soooo yeah evil as shit they are.

    • Liam Spain says:

      @Steven Newman What? Our thoughts are made by neurons firing in our brains, how can an AI control our thoughts?

    • Farts are Funny says:

      In Spider-Man far from home the companies Disney purchased they still gave credit because they still have their workers

  10. Chris C says:

    Man, a theory I think you got 100% correct!

  11. Gavo. says:

    Watching spiderman far from home end credits scenes using skulls is very right

  12. Sasha Mendelson says:

    What’s actually terrifying is that Disney will own most of our entertainment in the future ?

  13. Amy Jia says:

    I just watched Matt Patt become CinemaSins.


    • Random Dalek says:

      Ever since cinema sins began the requested thing had been film theory

    • Admiral Xizor says:

      That’s probably true… but that’s not an achievement. LOL.

      If Film Theory establishes itself as clickbait GARBAGE, then I’ll just unsubscribe and watch Shaun&Jen and bobvid tear it apart…

    • The Glazing Eye says:

      CinemaSins sucks imo

  14. Monkey Scream says:

    Plot twist: this video is actually being made by a skrull while matpat is on vacation in a simulation

  15. Dylan Brown says:

    Can u make a “Godzilla: king of the monsters” episode please. I’d love to see the science of Kaiju.

  16. Jenny Potts says:

    Marvel: Captain Marvel is the strongest avenger.
    Thor: am I a joke to you?

    • CONSOLETRUTH2 says:

      @TheRezro when Captain Femanazi can take a multi minute blast to the cheat from a dying neutron star and still live then I may START to agree with you.

    • Kitsune Fire says:

      Relyks Here’s a power feat, Captain Marvel got knocked out by a punch with the power stone in Endgame. Thor has the power stone pressed to his head and survived while conscious for a decent amount of time in infinity war

    • Lencho Bushura says:

      1.Doctor strange 2 Scarlett witch 3 captain marvel 4 Thor

    • Fred V says:

      Captain Feminazi… utter incel bulls**t. If you hate that woman, that reason being, she’s boring and one dimensional. Hello, walnut people.

  17. Autum Breeze says:

    I honestly still haven’t even seen Dark Phoenix yet.

    I just don’t have any motivation to

  18. Ellie A. Logan says:

    OK, but like the whole 2 quicksilver thing would also be pretty confusing.

  19. Yoloswagpro Bro says:

    I wouldn’t compare captain marvel to dark Phoenix, gene gray got stronger from the Phoenix force not from herself also she is a mutant

  20. OceanBagel says:

    How is this the first time I’ve heard about a new X-Men movie?

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