Film Theory: The Bee Movie LIED To You!

Film Theory: The Bee Movie LIED To You!

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Save the BEES save the WORLD!! Or at least that’s what THEY would have you believe. Who are they? The honey bees, that’s who. The Bee Movie is perpetuating the myth that honey bees are key to our environmental survival. Today Loyal Theorists, I am here to tell you that all of that is a load of BEESWAX!!

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Honey Bee Stock Footage: FS700 ► David Shaw

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63 Responses

  1. Mr.MemeTree says:

    You first ruined my childhood
    And now my favorite
    Anime 🙁

  2. Kostas 2405 says:

    Bee gone thots

  3. Gracieplayz says:

    Bee movie….


  4. dsturbd15 says:

    Everything I know is a lie

  5. fahrettin oduncuoğlu says:

    Ya like jazz?

  6. Morgan Carter says:

    My summary of this video for memorization and use during conversation: We’re all trained to love honey bees at this point, but should we really? Honey bees aren’t actually native to North America; they are an invasive species that was 1st introduced in 1622 when European settlers brought them over. Native Americans even called them “The White Man’s Fly”. They weren’t brought over to pollinate plants, but to make honey. Plant life was thriving in the Americas for thousands of years before bees were introduced. According to Dr. Jonas Geldman, a Conservationist at the University of Cambridge: “Honey bee hives harm the environment by crowding out all the other local pollinators” (like bumblebees, wasps, butterflies, ants, moths and beetles, who would pick up the slack if there weren’t honey bees). Honey bees are also linked to the spread of diseases to wild pollinators via shared flowers, an effect that is likely amplified by trade with and movement of honey bees. The North American decline of wild bumblebees is likely due to western honeybee diseases. Further, bees remove nectar from flowers to make their honey, while other insects are able to pollinate flowers without stealing their nectar, which ensures that the competition produces fewer offspring. Some, like the writers of the bee movie, seem to think that honey bees are an important part of the environment, but honey bees live in a box on a farm. That movie does get one thing right though: humans and honey bees do share a critical symbiotic relationship; without human demand for honey, honeybee populations would collapse. They like to act like honey bees are the victim that only exist under the oppressive thumb of the evil human farmers, but the real victims are the native insects who honey bees have outcompeted thanks in large part to humanities protection. Turns out human protection of honey bees is the real problem.

  7. Zweet says:

    Dude, they ARE America native bees, they’re called Mayan bees and are a type of stingless bee found and domesticated in the Maya zone in México (you know, part of North America).
    They’re now considered an endangered species thanks to deforestation and the introduction of the western bee, because the Mayan bee produces delicious honey but they don’t produced it on grand proportions like the western one, also for what you have said already in the video about the westerns being really invasive.

    The video is okay, that whole part that talks about the western bees is true, but damn, that bit at the beginning about North America being fine without any bees before the europeans came, it’s totally not true. I don’t blame you tho, I didn’t knew about the Mayan bees until I was a teenager and I’ve lived in México my whole life.

    P.S. I still love you MatPat, stay awesome.

    • Christopher Evans says:

      Zweet pretty sure he was talking about specifically European honey bees considering he gave an example of a different type of bee as a pollinator in North America.

    • Zweet says:

      Rewatching the video I get that now, my bad.
      Seeing it with that context, he has a pretty good point actually, we just need to focus in that specific type of bee only in North America.

    • IceFire says:

      Your ability to own up to your mistakes makes you smarter and better than most of this comment section. I like you.

    • Indeo says:

      But at the part where he shows a quote from an article saying that honeybees are the reason bumblebees are dying out, there is a part reading that bumblebees used for farming could also be a cause, which he did not mention. The article also didn’t use both but either, and mentions that they aren’t sure which one it is

    • Why am I Alive says:

      Zweet in the bee movie the bees have stingers. Watch the whole movie

  8. Locobocokittysub455589 says:

    *let me lick your neck*

  9. Diego says:

    so bees are like feminists? 😮

  10. ninja sonic says:

    Matpat can you do a lord of the rings theory

  11. B.Stargirl says:


  12. R0GUE says:

    Top 10 anime betrayals

  13. Laura Jankowski says:

    Mat: Anytime he says be/bee
    Me: ‘Wait a second, are you saying bee or be? Please help me here MatPat….

  14. FunkyTikiGod says:

    I was shocked until I realised this was just in North America, I’m gonna assume that since honey bees are native over here in the UK that they indeed are vital to the ecosystem. But yeah if they are an invasive species in america then it should be pretty obvious that they aren’t a good influence, unless they now fill the niche of whatever they competitively excluded, but looks like they didn’t…

  15. Stephen Marsh says:

    It’s my birthday tomorrow 1 like = 1 candle on my cake

  16. Michaela James says:

    For all those comments that say the bee movie is a dead meme

    The dead memes are the best memes

  17. Jefferson Calaway says:

    This is bad. A minute in and it’s cringier than ever. Video goes on and you express a limited knowledge as cold hard facts. You make appeals to nature ignoring artificial systems or that, you know, nature changes and adapts. The extreme stance, the criticism of conservation in the name of ‘natural orders’, it really just reads like the polarizing “everyone is stupid for their beliefs” mindset your demographic is really struggling with. The video isn’t just lamer than normal, it isn’t just an extreme conclusion from little research, it’s irresponsible to what I can only assume is a primarily young fan base.

  18. meh meh says:

    My favorite line in all of this video is “imperialist western bees”

    …It’s not even far wrong on a logical level

  19. Misael Playz says:

    #2 on trending you really like this meme

  20. Frosty Plush says:

    What all this buzz about this video

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