Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN’T CARS!

Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN’T CARS!

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Consider the world of Cars – a world populated by living, breathing, thinking cars, surrounded by evidence of a human society; but with out any actual humans. There are certain theories that posit these Cars are AI and are all that are left after humans left our world behind. But certain things just don’t seem to fit. So if they aren’t AI then what are they? Prepare to have your mind blown.
Many of you have asked me to weigh in on the Pixar timeline theory, consider this my first step.

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20 Responses

  1. Doomed Goyim says:

    This is actually retarded.

  2. sbcontt says:

    I have my own theory.

    Initially I thought that assuming that the cars are cyborgs will explain away the discrepancies, but then I realized one most important thing: the cars do not have any appendages that can hold tools! Therefore they can not be advanced beings; neither advanced robots nor advanced bugs. The bugs from “A Bug’s Life” had hands. They cannot evolve backwards into these cars.

    Thus I reached my current conclusion: Cars series is a kid’s dream within the Pixerverse.

    This theory can also explain why the cars became more car-like (with proper interior and car parts) in Cars 2 and why Cars 3 has a darker theme. The kid is growing up; therefore his/her imagination is becoming more mature.

  3. Llama_ _Overlord says:

    could this be connected to thomas the tank engine…?


    What are the toys from Toy Story?

  5. Dead Pool says:


    If there are no animals how can they have sushi?

  6. kylian van diermen says:

    But animals (And bugs) can’t ”grow” wheels, like MatPat said, the tires are shoes and the wheels are the feet. VSauce did a short video about it why animals can’t grow wheels you should check it out.
    Mabey the wheels are made up from a dead material like fingernails but I still wrap my head around it.

    Anyway. Still enjoyed the Theory about one of my favorite childhood movie

  7. Антон Худяков says:

    So, cars in Cars are like daleks

  8. Matt Proof says:

    People that always yell about how stupid these theories can be sometimes for some reason don’t understand it’s all made for entertaining. There are metric tons of stupid theories that makes absolute no sence. But if they are backed up by evidence they start to be interesting even when they are still stupid.

  9. 2LT. Mudkip says:

    I have a question on this?
    If there are no animals, how do they have sushi then?

  10. Enderb0ySkymc says:

    Does Lightning McQueen get car insurance or life insurance?

  11. Sergio González Torres says:

    Wait….didn’t they got inside a plane? Where are those organs?

  12. Sketch For Life says:

    guys perfect strategy : *youtube­­*.*­­c­­o­­m/watch?v=v1thgau5Ers*

  13. milly nord says:

    or maybe just personification? just a thought..

  14. Ahmed Mahmoud says:

    what if they are toys ??? at the beginning of toy story 3 you can see that toys can dream while being played so maybe all of that is a dream

  15. Андрей Королев says:

    They cannot be insects, because as you say cars can hickup, and insects don’t have lungs, they have tracheas

  16. Habika Sean says:

    My favorite movie from my childhood is now ruined?

  17. Automatik says:

    Who else has already seen this ont he Carlin Brothers?

  18. OneEyedSleep says:

    im not gonna lie… this theory kind of *bugged* me.

  19. Kate Annett says:

    why is a bug wearing shoes tho

  20. MLG THUG DOGE says:

    under the hood of the cars in “Time Travel Mater”.. is an enigne v8 block.. {clap} {clap}

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