Film Theory: The CORRUPTION of Superman

Film Theory: The CORRUPTION of Superman

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Superman, a hero of integrity and good morals. Right? WRONG! You see, good guy Clark Kent is working for a corrupt corporation. The Daily Planet. They want us to think they are a great news source, but I don’t trust it! Theorists, today we are going to find out if Superman and his coworkers have been feeding us LIES!

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73 Responses

  1. 《 KittyGurl2320 》 says:

    I learn more from these videos than school

  2. Chad Parris says:

    Funny thing is that all this analysis lends itself to is to prove that Superman is a deeper character than what most people think he is, and he is a true hero. A true hero commits to the course of action that saves or protects the most people, even at the cost of their own morals. He’s almost so good that he’s evil because he’s so grounded in what he believes to be right early in his career, it isn’t until later in his career (JCLU style) that he’s drifted so far and so aggressively from the original stance he had. lol, weird that Matpat would prove Superman to be willing to do ‘anything’ to be a hero.

    • Magnetar 117 says:

      Hajime Kamukura  in a way.

    • Magnetar 117 says:

      Which is why I always get mad when people say he is the guy that just flies and punches things. Superman has so much more to him but people like to simplify who he is so they punch up style, look, and overall likeability of the pop-culture favorite with the self destructive emotional issues and nice car.

    • Hajime Kamukura says:

      +Magnetar 117 , I liked the Clark Kent from flashpoint because of that same reason, he doesn’t do much punching, but still manages to get plenty of character development.

    • Magnetar 117 says:

      Hajime Kamukura  Yes I have read the main flashpoint and have it on my shelf still need to get all of the side stories but I have read that one and you are right about the character development.

    • MrGuvnah says:

      A true hero can slay a thousand greeks.

  3. Luke Wilson says:

    Here’s a good Spiderman movie theory that I’ve held to be true for a while now if you wanna do all the work to prove it for me:
    Sam Raimi purposefully made Spidey-3 a bad movie in a secret effort to kill the franchise so he could work on projects more fitting his usual oeuvre (like Drag Me to Hell, which he had to put on hiatus to do Spiderman 3).

  4. Ms FUNNY says:

    This comment will get a thousand likes

    Welp that’s not happening

  5. graphite says:

    Superman breaks the law every time he assumes the identity of “Clark Kent”! Has Clark Kent a birth certificate? Is he an illegal immigrant? What about his medical records? Is he committing identity fraud assuming he has a social security number? Is he allowed to work in the US ? What about the moral aspects of LYING to his colleagues and friends; keeping up the charade of two identities?
    Even as Superman is he (as Clark Kent) subject to international travel regulations?
    When Superman flies around does he need a Visa? Is he subject to local import laws and airspace regulations? Is he above the Law if say he flies to North Korea , contravening several US laws on undocumented travel ? If he flies to Russia , undocumented, would that be considered invasion and therefore by extension, an act of War ?( Clark Kent being a US citizen ) We need a part two on this one – The Ethics of Superman: is an Alien subject to international law or does his assumed USA identity take precedence?

  6. Zack Bryson says:

    Wanna hear a joke?

    Ethical journalism

  7. Carlos Finch says:

    So you’re telling me, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, The New York Times and pretty much every other major news source have zero ethics. Too real Matt Patt, too real.

  8. Igit Igit says:

    Next are we going to learn that Lex Luther isn’t an honest businessman?

  9. Nick Cline says:

    okay, first those rules are not finalized by every news outlet. Next, watch smallville, which has the most daily planet activity in the superman mythos. Furthermore, watch the video on nerdsync on superhero identities and the law. Nerdsync’s Scott would answer why Clark being Superman would not be a conflict to interest. Finally, Clark’s degree is in Journalism. MatPat I feel like you just did not spend the time researching for this video and lately your quality is going down. I do not care about quantity. Your theories are mostly misses or theories that have already been confirmed true. Please put better care in your videos, or you might start to lose subscriptions.

    • skrillex544 says:

      On YouTube, quality doesn’t pay the bills

    • Merilirem says:

      skrillex544  I liked the 90s superman tv series more than smallville.

    • christian crusader says:

      +skrillex544 Just like a news outlet. Heiio!

    • DiamondBolt says:

      This is at core a film theory. So he did most of his research through the films, and maybe some reading online. The films and the other forms of media superman takes are all going to have different angles on how the world that Superman is in operates, and even change how Superman as a character is. Maybe he could’ve done a full rundown on all of the Superman franchise, but keep in mind that MatPat is very busy. He does a theory every week, very often on completely different movies, media, characters, etc.

    • vanthursday says:

      Yeah.. Mattpat doesnt research that much.. He never think hold on maybe my theory is wrong and I should check other sources.. Like the time he thinks the timeline in Wonderwoman are all wrong and not realizing that Steve Trevor was been missing for weeks without communication with his assistant which means they werent just sailing for few days and also thinking the bombs would be made just for few days

  10. Tyler abstractCourier says:

    I can’t think of a single news organization, on television or online, that follows a single part of the journalistic code you read out. Actually, Yong Yea is pretty good, but he’s a solo dude I’m pretty sure.

    I am really happy that you brought it to my attention his moral a reporter JJJ is.

  11. Matthias says:

    Sorry Matt, but I disagree with the part where you should have said Lois should have published the story, yeah if the story went out that superman was a peaceful alien there would be less panic, but remember they are characters from a movie, they did not know that Zod was coming, it’s like saying to the star wars series in episode 1 to tell them to not take Anakin because he becomes Darth Vader, but you see the characters in he universe do not know that. And if the story went out we are assuming it goes saying and clarifying that superman is good, but if the story just says ‘there is an alien amongst us’ it can worsen the situation

    • Matthias says:

      To add on, yeah Clark’s stories are biased, but I don’t think that those that approve his story onto the papers know he is superman

    • Blank Flank says:

      I never saw any of the Superman movies, so I don’t know about her story. Do people in general not know that Superman is a thing? Or do they just think he’s a super human? Was her story to out his identity as Clark Kent, or just that he’s an alien?

      The part about Zod seems like people didn’t know he existed, in which case, I agree that telling people about him is mass panic waiting to happen. If it’s about outing his identity, I still think that would be wrong, becuz that would violate his privacy for one, and for two it would just increase the danger that the Daily Planet is exposed to, and increase attacks on Superman becuz he wouldn’t be safe even as Clark Kent.

    • SH4D0W0733 says:

      I mean, they didn’t want to take Anakin because they thought he was too old (to be properly indoctrinated, meaning he might resist the jedi ways at a later date).
      Sure they couldn’t know he was going to go and become Darth Vader, but they knew he was more likely to start some shit than the usual lot put through jedi training.

  12. W-T says:

    What always got me about Clark in Nightman V Dayman is that he NEVER DOES HIS JOB. Clark had one duty throughout the events of the film, do the sports section. Instead, he types up a manifesto on how much batman sucks and goes over his editors head to get it published without any approval, AND HE STILL NEVER DOES THE SPORTS SECTION.

  13. Drawling tutorialss with Hailey says:

    I’ve never seen so many DC Fanboys and Fangirls in the comments

  14. The comic turtle says:

    *Cough Cough* *”youtuber controversy”*
    *Cough* *”wall street journal”*

  15. Austin says:

    Eh, there’s a big difference between being biased and being false. Everything he writes about himself would necissarily be biased, but it could also be true. Therefore he could still stand for truth.
    P.S. Standing for truth doesn’t mean you disclose everything you know.

    • Blank Flank says:

      There is still the “conflict of interest” problem. But you do have a point.

    • Umega Alfa says:

      How one is objective (Clark in newspapers) in a problem where he is the subject (Superman) ? That’s a very difficult thing to do, and Superman is more muscle than brain, i belive.

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      Umega Alfa  The thing that the movies (live action and animated) seem to always miss is that Superman is, in fact, incredibly smart. Louis Lane once had a brain clot that was going to kill her and no there was no surgeon alive who could perform the procedure fast enough. So Clark read and memorised every medical book ever written in 8 mins flat and performed the surgery himself. His brain is literally a super computer.

    • christian crusader says:

      +Umega Alfa doing some research, superman is highly intelligent. When he loses his powers he resorts to being clever. Just watch the jla episode where he went up against Steppenwolf.

    • Merilirem says:

      Crispin Freeman  Well all brains are, but yes he has super brain powers too.
      Like the flash most people forget that in favor of running fast or punching dudes.

  16. The Sam says:

    Can you please do a theory on who the Janitor is from Scrubs??

    • Devastator 4403 says:

      That’d be one I’m actually interested in for once.

    • jag says:

      A good series show, too.

    • Scorpion Gaming says:

      That’s simple jaun itor

    • chickenfinger7829 says:

      The Sam There’s not much of a theory too it, though. It’s all known… The original plan for the Janitor was to be a figment of JD’s imagination. The fans liked him, as did the show runners, so they started having other characters interact with him, but still had not given him a name yet (this was near the start of the season season). They thought it was a fun gag and then decided to keep it that way, never giving the janitor a name. In the final Episode of season 8, Janitor told JD his name was Glenn Matthews.

      The creator, Bill Lawrence, confirmed that was his name at a later date when asked on Twitter.

  17. GlitterGal#101 says:

    This basically applies to and calls out majority of media sources

  18. Eggs Benedict says:

    Read this in Trump voice

    *Fake news*

  19. Ustioteamleader Yep says:

    Unbiased? Truthful? Refusing info from money? 😂😂😂😂

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