Film Theory: The HIDDEN LORE of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared!

Film Theory: The HIDDEN LORE of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared!

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Part 2 of DHMIS is HERE! Because frankly you guys in the comments would never let me live it down if I didn’t release this right away. But really, I wanted to make sure I crammed as much DHMIS lore and as many Easter eggs as possible into this episode, and those eggs take time! But now we’re ready to talk everything Roy and Red Guy and raw chicken and father’s day! Oh boy, what have I even gotten myself into…

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20 Responses

  1. Marty Rizzo says:

    If red guy singing on a stage is a flashback then how does he already have
    puppets of yellow guy and duck. Also why does duck appear in episode 6
    asking where he is if he was eaten. I love your videos but this one seems
    to have alot of missed stuff

  2. Pefect Cell says:

    My Favourite was 2

  3. mlarrabee says:

    This made way more sense than it had any right to.

  4. youtuberlover123 says:

    You should make another channel called book theroy I would love it + I
    think others would too

  5. Abby Dabby Doo says:

    Matt, you’re british accent sucks. Just being honest. Much love.

  6. Nathan Trajano says:

    The amount of cringe in the intro part of this video xD

  7. eric pettigrew says:

    that was so good

  8. Noor Singh says:

    I recommend doing theories on Gravity Falls and Netflix’s Stranger Things.

  9. Skye Wheeler says:

    God when you listen to this theory the ending of episode 6 makes you really
    really happy

  10. Zhivargo L. says:

    still bothers me that they said green wasn’t a creative color.

  11. HipsterPuggy says:

    But why is it call “Don’t hug me im scared”

  12. Soulzune :3™ says:

    Cancer or canceled

  13. kids world says:

    Subscribe to my channel and Ill subscribe back

  14. GreenGoronGamer says:

    if they made dont hug me im scared a paid youtube red serice that would
    ruin the idea of it.

  15. Alien Moon says:


  16. Jose Zelaya says:

    yellow guy said my dad is a computer not saying my dad is using a computer
    in episode 2

  17. Zack Animations says:


  18. Mad Mens Den says:

    The intro was brilliant! Most just can’t appreciate it, much like DHMIS.
    Good day to yo all. <3

  19. Nyan Grrrl101 says:

    After watching this, i feel like red guy at the end. mind.blown.

  20. Crystal Barton says:

    rip head phone users