Film Theory: The HORRIFIC Story of Salad Fingers

Film Theory: The HORRIFIC Story of Salad Fingers

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“Fancy seeing you here.” If you thought “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared!” was the most disturbing stuff on YouTube, think again. I’ve been REKT for a week trying to uncover the truth behind one of the darkest series on YouTube – Salad Fingers! And today, my countless sleepless nights pays off, as we expose the truth behind this disturbing collector of rusty spoons.

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Like the theme song? Thanks to CARF!

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20 Responses

  1. queenalienor says:

    omg I loved Salad Fingers when I was in primary school! I quoted it all the

  2. happychibipanda says:

    What? A friend showed this to me once… I don’t recall it scaring me?

  3. SpiritusAnimam says:

    Salad Fingers refers to himself as “daddy” when talking to Elenore, but
    sometimes acts like a girl, and even manages to actually give birth. Maybe
    it’s all delusion, but maybe he’s also asexual, or a transvestite?

  4. OfelieArt says:

    yay my fav creepy cartoon

  5. Reece Awan says:

    I used to love watching this and now I can’t believe he is doing a theory
    on yhai

  6. Zaepex says:

    its not even scary XD i watched it in year 7 and was fine

  7. Scrotie McBoogerball says:

    I think Salad Fingers is not a “he” but a “she” . She is an old lady with
    Alzheimers, who was raped during WWI and got a PTSD. That’s why she has
    fragmentary memories of wearing dresses, flirting with men, giving birth

  8. lucky with an i says:

    David Firth is a master at this craft, hes work is amazing but he stoped
    making videos sadlly :(

  9. Isabella Rey says:

    Speaking of the intro, the reason I got into salad fingers was because I
    was trying to force my friend to watch DHMIS and she refused, saying the
    only thing creepier was Salad Fingers, so, naturally, I looked it up. Now
    it only adds to my fear of spoons (don’t ask)

  10. IRUNASSAULT says:

    If you think salad fingers is scary you have the mind of a 6 year old girl.

  11. Johnny Smith says:

    YouTube wasn’t invented until 2005…

  12. Ezra Lebowitz says:

    The only reason I don’t like this being 2 parts is because I will be more

  13. Frying Pan says:

    oh yay another two part video! jewtube at its finest!


    I was 7 when I first watched it and didn’t get scared

  15. Ross Granick says:

    This is the first good theory MatPat has put out since before Five Nights
    At Freddy’s was made. Glad to have you back.

  16. Carmine Wang says:

    do a video of lazytown robbie rotten

  17. darkrightcall games says:

    It’s almost my birthday

  18. Gman Muliss says:

    but the US doesn’t have a royal navy,or royalty at all,its just the US
    Navy,so what’s the US royal navy?

  19. panos3320 says:

    I imagine Finn from adventure time as a salad fingers type character. We
    see him in a colorfull world full of hapiness and weird but he is probably
    a mad kid that survived nuclear war and now lives next to the ruins of some
    theme park.

  20. alex hutchinson says:

    Is it just me, or does salad fingers always look Stoned out of his mind?