Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! (Spiderman)

Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! (Spiderman)

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Venom – the symbiote with a taste for… well, people. Not only does Venom have a human host in Eddie Brock, but he chomps down on a few as well. Is that ACTUALLY good for him? You see, I think that Venom is being HURT by the humans he needs to survive! How? Let me show you!

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83 Responses

  1. Venom says:

    Don’t tell everyone my secret

  2. Cole Hansen says:

    Um, @The Film Theorists, matpat, I think you’re forgetting that venom is part of a symbiotic relationship, not a parasitic relationship. Symbiotic relationships benefit both parties. Also, how is Venom a victim? It just shows that Eddie changes venom, or Flash Thompson in the comics, to the good, not exactly showing that he’s a victim.

    • Colbyplayz says:

      He literally said in the video that it’s more of a parasitic relationship

    • Kenneth Satria says:

      Least its not as bad as the All Might theory that One For All is parasitic

    • acdc14terrace says:

      matthew styles You’re poorly making the point that he should be “original” because you know he’s right. You just can’t get past the fact that Matpat sucks now.

    • richard conaway says:

      parasitism is a form of symbiosis (which is broadly defined in biology and zoology/ecology as a close interactive relationship between any two species/specimens). read a biology book before spouting incorrect facts.

    • El Negro says:

      In the comics he is a victim, he was a good guy who wanted to do nothing but good then you know he gets rejected by spidey joins with Eddie then Eddies hate turns him into a bloodthirsty monster. ( still good so anti hero ) There’s this one comic book that shows a church man feeding the symbiote and venom helps the old man when agents of whatever were trying to kill him or something. ( shows he was more so a good guy before Eddie none anti hero )

      Also looking at gog comic where hey meet up with more symbiotes we are told they were made for good but became corrupted with there host

  3. Carl Webber says:

    Actually the reason why venoms movements r so speratic , and insane is bc the venom simbiote didn’t just bond with Eddie and Peter it also bonded with


  4. LevinTale 4 says:

    Um actually, the symbiot (apologies if I spell it wrong) did not shape shift into a T Rex. That’s during a comic where they go into an alternate future where Venom attached itself to a T Rex. There are actually multiple errors comic wise throughout this video I would love to correctly but simply don’t have the time to make a 15 part series on.

    Edit: Eddie is not actually infecting it. As Venom was stripped from Flash Thompson, aka Agent Venom, it slowly reverted back to its more malicious form. It was ousted from its home planet due to not being violent enough and taking dominance, but still violent none the less depending on comic. It mainly lashed out due to not having a host until it found Deadpool, then spider man, then flash and finally (main host wise) Eddie. Flash converted it to being nice and helping people but without flash it slowly converted back. I know you do a lot of research, but this shows Venom is not fully a victim. Feel free to comment and give me your side who ever comes to this comment.

    Edit 2: Cletus barely had Venom if at all. He mainly had carnage, the much more violent and mate to Venom. Yes, Venom had a child, really weird but it did.

    • LevinTale 4 says:

      FirePenguin99 Actually depending on comic series, it can go either way. Some times flash had it prior to Eddie, but stuff changes and gets pushed out for new canon stuff. Thank you for your comment.

    • LevinTale 4 says:

      Kid Fawn I had forgotten what comic is was from as it has been a while since I have read it, thank you.

    • Dustin Benzel says:

      I’m pretty sure Matt was referring to Cletus because of Symbiotes in general nothing to do with Venom.

    • LevinTale 4 says:

      Dustin Benzel Well, he was listing off the people who have worn venom. Peter and Eddie, yes. It was probably a error in the script or research.

    • Dustin Benzel says:

      Was he listing people who have worn Venom, or symbiotes in general? Because he does mention Carnage and Scream.

      Or rather Symbiotes that take on attributes of their hosts.

  5. Aiden Phoenix YT says:

    Venom is not a parasite he is a “Viscous Ectosymbiotic Neuroactive Obligate Mutualist” or a Venom

  6. Charles Rowe says:

    But what if Eddie is the evil one …

    • FirePenguin99 says:

      Charles Rowe In the comics the reason that Eddie and Venom are such a good pair is that they both share the same violent and evil attributes. The bonding only enhanced both of their shared personality traits, making each other much more violent and evil.

    • Dustin Benzel says:

      Well if Ultimate Spider-man (the animated Spider Man series) is to go by, Eddie Brock is easily an unhinged individual that has some mental issues.

  7. Generic Name says:

    Rolling down the street like a turd in the wind

  8. Arun Raj says:

    im guessing you didnt watch the whole movie before making this theory huh matpat

  9. Redstone Blaze says:

    In the comic books the symbiotes(Klyntar)(after the banishment of knull) are actually good and would normally provide its host with enhanced abilities and help other species with its genetic memory and mutually bonding with them but theres a problem,when someone or something unstable,mad,insane or downright evil is bonded with the symbiote the symbiote gets corrupted,and those corrupted symbiotes are the ones we are most familiar with.when Peter Parker became a host at battle world Venom originally was good not until Venom was completing its bonding process and ultimately going at night and fighting crime leaving Peter exhausted(and at the time Peter was not aware of this) and when Peter did become aware of what the symbiote was trying to do Peter tried to reject it then it came contact with Eddie which at the time was angry and because of the corrupted symbiote and Eddie’s hatred for Peter;Eddie became more and more unstable(kind of) but it wasn’t only Eddie having an issue Venom was at the time obsessed with Spider-Man and one time when Eddie decided to turn a new leaf he sold venom for charity and when a person named Don Fortunato bought it he decided to give it to his son Angelo Fortunato to “make a man out of his son” and one time when Venom decided Angelo was unworthy he unbonded with Angelo while Angelo was mid-air likely meeting his doom. another example would be Cletus Kasady better known as carnage a deranged killer soon bonded with the Symbiote and because Cletus is more than a little insane with the symbiotes genetic memory and Cletus being unstable it formed Carnage a symbiote very sadistic similar to its host and theres Toxin the 1000th symbiote born after being born it immediately bonded with Patrick Mulligan a police officer while being Toxin’s host Patrick decided to take after Spider-Man and be good and tried to keep Toxin’s unstable urges in check since there is chance that there will be an issue with the 1000th spawn and because of being Carnage’s son he gains those genetic memories being unstable but when Patrick got beaten to death by Blackheart and after that incident Toxin got more than unstable with Eddie Brock.

  10. drdino2002 says:

    Everyone says venom is a parasite, but the symbiotes (in the comics at least) are actually Symbiotes as pointed out by the Because science youtube channel in the video “what kind of symbiote is venom?”

  11. - Lijosu - says:

    Toxiplasmas cause schrizephrenia and vaccines cause autism.

    Sure. Lets ignore that in both cases theres nothing actually linking the two other than people with mental illnesses being capable of having pets and people with autism having vaccines.

    Next thing I know youll be telling me that 100% of people with psychopathy breath. *SHOCKING REVELATION*

  12. Vivienne Sangalang says:

    *‘Everything the poop touches is your home’*

  13. Wild_ Rush123 says:

    I got a venom trailer ad before this video

    it’s destiny

  14. Tray G says:

    These videos Used to be too lit and interested now they meh

  15. Emma Taylor I MÅSTURВÂTÈ MY PUSSY TAPME! says:

    🔥W!ho saw tha!t scar?🔥

  16. Mattia Gabbiani says:

    I can’t stand the ignorance of this video.
    Apparently you researched Parasyte but not SYMBIOTIC. You keep calling it symbiote and then you call it a Parasyte.
    A Parasyte use and kill his pray meanwhile a symbiote develop a bond useful to both entity LIKE VENOM DOES.
    By the way in the comic is known that Venom is actually “good”. It’s a baby and was hurt bye Spiderman that removed him from his suite, leaving venom emotionally rejected and wanting to kill him.
    You spend hours researching things and you can’t find the basics? Wtf man.

    • Mattia Gabbiani says:

      +richard conaway sorry for my English but I’m Italian. Anyway I’ve studied entomology for 5 years and in Italian the symbiosis is the thing that in this article is called “complementary parasitism”.
      Now that you understand the language barrier problem you still have to understand that matpat talks about venom like he is a parasite that kills his pray while he is clearly a complementary type (hint he talk about the wasp as an example instead of other kind of symbiosis). So the bs of this video remain the same. 😉

    • richard conaway says:

      ah that explains a bit then, i just assume everyone on the internet (specifically youtube/forums) uses internet grammar or can’t spell, my apologies then. while he does use the spider/wasps as an example i think the major point of the parasite angle was to point out that it’s more like the toxoplasmosis intestinal gut microbe, in that it can bond to anything (the example being bird flu infecting something not a bird, plasmosis infecting a human, swine flu etc) but is not accustomed to it and therefore is ill configured for the resulting symbiosis. for example he used the hallucinations caused by the toxoplasmosis bug being in a person as what could go wrong with such a mismatch of species to species, which sort of makes sense when considering what else symbiotes in space might have bonded to or how said extraterrestrial’s anatomy/sensory might be differently configured.

    • Mattia Gabbiani says:

      +richard conaway the problem here is that from the comic we know for a fact that the first contact of the symbiont was Deadpool (for a few seconds), then Spiderman with the classic story, than Deadpool again for some time in wich (strangely dp made venom more human and kind) and then with his final host Eddy. So we know he his a complementary parasite and that he didn’t came in contact with anything else in space.
      Probably mat needed the money and did this fast to make sure he gets all the people with the hype of the movie. Or may he did this wrong on purpose to make people comment on how much wrong he is and getting the YouTube logarithm going. Who knows 🤔

    • richard conaway says:

      well no. venom had several successive alien hosts before he possessed deadpool, of course that’s the new revised knull version of venom.

    • Mattia Gabbiani says:

      +richard conaway now they create to much random story that I can’t keep up with. I was talking about the Canon venom xD

  17. Boxer Blake says:

    Actually, it is a symbiote, and not a parasite because they both help each other. The symbiote helps him just as much. In the comics, it actually keeps cancer from killing him.

    • richard conaway says:

      parasites are symbiotic, the term symbiosis is used in general ecology/zoology as generally any close interactive relationship/s between two species which causes co-evolution or interdependence. in short parasitism is a TYPE of symbiosis and thus still symbiosis simply carried out BY a parasite.

    • Boxer Blake says:

      +richard conaway Interesting. I always saw parasites as a one way street, whereas they benefit from the host, but the host doesn’t benefit at all or is negatively affected. In this case, my argument on the symbiote itself is that they help each other in a beneficial relationship. I didn’t realize that parasites are part of the larger umbrella term, as I always considered that term a positive.

    • richard conaway says: biology typically divides many thing down into sub categories and such, parasitism equally like many terms covers several different variations in evolution as the animal kingdom and domain are quite complex. for example salamanders and other certain amphibians can regrow whole limbs and even spinal segments as long as their brains are intact like a real life wolverine and deer antlers are considered one of the fast regrowable organs for their tissue type; made of bone, nerve, and blood vessels, and of course certain animals can almost live indefinitely like the lobster, the turritopsis dohrnii jelly fish, and tortoises/turtles.

    • Abyss Knight says:

      +Boxer Blake i’d say whether it’s mutualistic or parasitic depends heavily on the mentality of the symbiote. The Venom symbiote had some bad hosts in the past and then found what it viewed as it’s ideal host Spider-Man. The Venom symbiote is not mentally sound due to it’s previous hosts and Spider-Man is negatively affected causing him to reject the symbiote. This causes intense anger towards Spider-Man to form in the Symbiote and when it bonds with Eddie who is also angry towards Spider-Man the anger within the both of them is increased even further to the point of wanting to kill Spider-Man.

  18. John Smith you are so right I agree with you completely. Disregard the rest of my comment. says:

    Poorly researched.
    I don’t even read comics but I know the reason Venom is insane is because he bonded with deadpool before spiderman.

    • Michael Gonzalez says:

      Not trying to be mean but

      You are very dumb those comics are what if comics they are not the same universe they are saying what if the first thing Venom bonded with was not Eddi Brock or Spider-Man if it was Deadpool. If you still do not get that, then, for example, one day you wake up you see an apple you eat that apple, but in another universe, you wake up you ate an orange that’s as simple as I can make it for you bud. Ik you said I don’t even read comics so even if you were trying to sound smart you are poorly researched as well, so maybe be 100% sure next time you comment something. Either way, have good day and sorry for getting fired up and called you dumb it just came out because you were being a hypocrite but either way have a good day.

  19. Gregor M. says:

    Cool video, but umm where is the Theory. I mean you just say that hosts change Symbiotes. Which isn’t really a theory it’s just fact. And also Venom is a symbiote, it’s pretty obvious that he’s in a symbiotic relationship with the host, not a parasitic one.

    • Amber Rost says:

      Well this has been said multiple times BUT Parasites fall under the umbrella term of Symbiotes. Therefore Venom CAN be both cause a Parasite IS still a symbiotic relationship. There are even a few parasites where they’re mutually affected between them and the host.

      Personally I do think Symbiot’s can be parasetic going by the movie: eating organs from their host to survive if they don’t eat OTHER humans first. Eddie’s heart atrophied from Venom, Riot jumped from multiple different people and ate at tgem leaving them dead when he moved to a new one. That is parasitic, he didn’t even really help most of those hosts, just took full control and then left them dead. Venom does by the end take a more Mutualistic (which is the term you’re thinking of using Symbiotic) relationship, both benefitting from the infection, but at a base level? He could easily be parasitic too, if Eddie doesn’t supply enough sustenance? He’ll easily eat Eddie’s organs to fuel himself instead, even though that could kill him. BUT since he can fix it with enough other sustenance I do think VENOM (not Symbiot’s in general) is more Mutualistic.

  20. The Film Theorists says:

    To everyone who’s upset that in the movie Venom himself says he’s not a parasite, ask yourself this:
    Would a parasite BE HONEST and SAY he’s a parasite?
    Just sayin’…

    • 1up bish says:

      the fact that your wrong about everything makes me laugh, he’s called a SYMBIOTE because he’s giving Eddie something back in return for being his host, such as protection by literally turning into a weapon/armor

    • DapperBubble says:

      It’s not that he says he isn’t a parasite, he just hates being called one

    • 100.000subs whitout a video says:

      +DaAssassinPiggy u didn’t see the film… the 4th war Riot

    • Kirasaji Nokamura says:

      The Film Theorists Venom doesn’t technically classify as a ‘parasite’ as much as he qualify as a ‘Mutualist’. He starts off doing bad things to the host, but his regenerative tissue and healing factor, make him mostly Mutualistic by definition. Eddie suffers from it initially, but it corrects that failure, as the host would die from having no organs.( Symbiotes eats organs and solidify them, so they have to compromise on chocolate, having a chemical that the symbiotes need to survive.)

      Therefore, Venom classifies technically as a Mutualistic Symbiosis. Eddie gains, and so does the Symbiote.

    • The Rhino says:

      He isn’t a parasite because in order for him to be a parasite he has to be the only one benefiting. Considering Eddy can heal his bones in a second an basically cant die, it seems that venom is not a parasite.

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