Film Theory: We DIDN’T Listen! (Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared)

Film Theory: We DIDN’T Listen! (Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared)

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The creepiest puppet show on the internet is BACK! Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared released a new trailer called Fly and I HAD to talk about it. This series is a favorite here on Film Theory and it goes DEEP! Get ready for some scary, twisted lore! Let’s dive in!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Pedro Freitas, and Tyler Mascola
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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26 Responses

  1. Watching Watson says:

    Okay, but isn’t it so cool that after looking back, it turns out that there was a lot more to Duck the whole time? The creators of this show are consistently impressive with their details and subtle story telling

  2. Eliza Carrie says:

    Matt just casually glossed over the fact that his entire theory about Duck and the Wakey Wakey trailer were spot on!!!

  3. Sophia Miller says:

    MatPat making another video on DHMIS makes it clear that whenever will come in the revival is going to truly be something creative.

  4. Jayce Dehnert says:

    Something that caught my eye here too is how incredibly busy the background is and how much mroe props there seem to be. This could be because of the angle shift (can also be a thing if I’m not reading into it toooo much) but considering what we have right now? Worth mentioning

  5. Come Fast to take glimpse of my body says:

    You know it’s a great series when people wait literal years for episodes. This theory was a long time coming, so glad DHMIS is back in the spotlight again

  6. Lazarus Mekhane says:

    I personally don’t see this just being another message about the deterioration of TV shows. I believe this will more than likely comment on current media. News shows, newspapers and the such. Discussing how they themselves are often incredibly filled with adverts and opinions, and not the actual facts.

    For what Duck represents, I could honestly imagine that they show the idiocy of news shows, certain politicians, or just the consumers of the former two’s words. Blaming the issue on something foreign, such as bees, when in actuality the problem isn’t down to them, but flies. Symbols of gradual decay themselves.

    Flies themselves, are also natural beings. So I believe that the creators are saying how disaster is just a natural thing that will happen unless everyone bands together and stops it.

    And one final, somewhat unrelated note, DHMIS is airing on 4, or Channel 4, one of the first UK channels that makes money from advertisements besides ITV.

    • Sp4c1ng_0ut says:

      @Jackson Fougeron what are you talking about?
      US political parties?

    • Jackson Fougeron says:

      @Sp4c1ng_0ut neither is left. Tbh both sides are about the same in terms of how bad they function. It’s to the point where both sides can’t even comprise.

    • Jackson Fougeron says:

      @blue Agreed. Both sides have their pros and cons. Different ideologies on things but same goal overall (at least I think).

  7. RandomJolteon says:

    I think there’s more than that to Duck. In E:2 of DHMIS, Duck actually tries to explain a scientific theory, but is cut off by the clock. Afterwards he seems more compliant with the obviously inaccurate teachings of the guests. When E:5 happens, Duck keeps getting visions of the real world whenever he picks up the phone, the one that Redguy (the artist) is calling. As an adult, he is able to pick up on the metaphors being laid down, unlike Yellowguy, who represents a younger audience and cannot pick up on those metaphors. When he gets these messages, he is finally able to realize that the guests aren’t telling the truth. “Something’s… wrong-“ “That doesn’t make any sense-!” Once he’s had enough and tries to leave, he gets eaten by a food can (which probably represents a corporation of some kind), and is unable to stop it. He acted as a pawn for the companies sponsoring DHMIS, and once he had outlived his purpose, he was recycled into wrong food to feed to a younger audience so they would eat it up. It’s late and I probably didn’t communicate clearly what I was saying, but yeah.

  8. MiatheBanana says:

    I’d just like to mention that fly was uploaded on June 19th, which was also father’s day this year… I think MatPat’s theory from 3 years ago was completely confirmed by this tbh

  9. Marito Cara says:

    I like to think the creators watch these videos to get ideas for what to write for the next episodes 😂

  10. Karabear Comics says:

    I wonder: the fridge has several items stuck to it, and I know I paused because something struck me about the shopping list. It seemed odd, but upon pausing I realized the post-it with “HELP” written on it. So, could it be possible the fridge itself has some clues to things?

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