Film Theory: Westworld’s Secret Location – REVEALED!

Film Theory: Westworld’s Secret Location – REVEALED!

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WESTWORLD is an insanely good show. It manages to create a deluge of mysteries and then solve All of Them! This has made it SO difficult to come up with a Westworld Theory! However, there is one key question that Westworld has yet to answer and about which the Creators only hint: WHERE IS WESTWORLD?! Well after some intense research, I have Found the Answer and can confidently Reveal the location of Delos Inc.’s massive amusement park!

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20 Responses

  1. The Andoxico says:

    An object that massive filled with air submerged underwater is simply impossible and I’ll show you why with simple mathematics. This is all assuming that the height of the structure is only 1/2 a mile (we would be able to see the ceiling if it were that low).
    First we determine the weight of our “object” (this is the dome + the air inside it).
    1 Cubic foot of air weights about 0.0807 pounds. Convert to cubic mile: 1.472e+11 * 0.0807 = 11,879,040,000 pounds per cubic mile. 11,879,040,000lbs/mi^3 * 250mi^3 = 2,969,760,000,000lbs = 13,210,150,578,816 Newtons. Since this only accounts for the oxygen let’s throw some force on for the shell. We’ll round up to 20 Trillion Newtons (thats adding about 1.5 Quadrillion pounds).
    Object weight: 20,000,000,000,000N

    Now we must determine the weight of 250mi^3 of displaced water.
    1 Cubic foot of water weights 62.42796 pounds. Convert to cubic mile: 1.472e+11 * 62.42796 = 9,189,395,700,000 pounds per cubic mile. 9,189,395,700,000lbs/mi^3 * 250mi^3 = 2,297,348,900,000,000lbs = 10,219,116,999,716,240 Newtons.
    Water weight: 10,219,116,999,716,240N

    By Archimedes’ Principle, the buoyant force is equal to the weight of fluid displaced by an object.
    Buoyant force: 10,219,116,999,716,240N

    Buoyant force – Object weight = 10,199,117,000,000,000N of upward force

    Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a force similar to (larger than) Halley’s Comet accelerating through space gaining 103mph PER SECOND. There is no possible way a park that large is submerged underwater, MatPat.

  2. NightslashX7 X7 says:

    where is westworld

    WEST world comon people pay attention

  3. Diogo Almeida says:


  4. Benjamin Beaudry says:

    Where is the nsfw???????

  5. NOTmyoldname says:

    Plz do one on stranger things find out what is wrong with will at the end

  6. Lieutenant FuzzyNuts says:

    how did flies get underwater

  7. EJEvan1 Hi says:

    Doctor who part 3 needs to happen. Like if you agree!

  8. Catlover192 says:

    he says he doesn’t have “rollercoasters, cotton candy, or ferris wheels, but we do have science, math and history lessons” I go yay science! Yay math! Meh history.

  9. Eos says:

    The globe also happens to say Dellos right in the middle of the ocean

  10. John G says:

    There was a subtitle in the Finnish version that actually reveals the coordinates in the China sea if I remember correctly.

  11. KingdomPixelz says:

    About that Doctor Who episode that never came out…

  12. Alan Nuno says:

    Do one on adventure time please and thank you!

  13. Flash Guard says:

    at 2:11- 2:13 here is MATPATS list 😛 ENJOY

    “matpats list:

    Military Solders
    Menial Factory positions
    Hazerdous Area Inspectiom
    Deep Dive Expeditions
    Hospital Attendents
    Security Guards
    Space Exploration
    River Clean Up
    Dog Walker
    Cafeteris Worker
    Secret Service
    Cow Bell Player
    Taking care of CatPat
    IRL robot Anime
    Heck, Reenact Pacific Rim
    Robots REACT
    Vidio Editors [crossed out] (Nice Try, MatPat)
    Cell Phone Battery Testing
    Weyland Corporations Spies
    Samurai Amusements Pank because
    Let’s be real, that’d be way cooler.
    Freakin’ Samurais! I digress…”

  14. Zenymn says:

    I still think it is on the moon. Mainland may refer to earth, port and decompression still make sense in terms of space, the moon is also outside of specific laws as the sea is. Also, there are two moon ‘hint’ shots: one from earlier in a transition (sorry, don’t remember the episode) and the false moon at Dolores and Teddy’s scene on the beach in the last episode.

  15. Miles Harvey says:

    He actually read a fucking terms and conditions lmao

  16. Zappy1919 says:

    If it is underwater then where is Spongebob????!!!!!

  17. Me says:

    hey guys, now just search for this YouTube video: *Douglas Grayson Amazing Day*

    anyone can do it easy!!

  18. flamingmuffin666 says:

    they explained that all the water in cold storage is from old malfunctioning freezer units

  19. Derek Floyd says:

    “Literally twenty thousand leagues under the sea!”

    A league is roughly three nautical miles (5.556 kilometres). Sixty-thousand nautical miles = 111,120 kilometres. The diameter of the Earth is 12,742 kilometres. 20K leagues is almost a third of the way to the Moon.

    Got a bit excited there and grabbed a hyperbolic reference, MatPat?

  20. Ryan says:

    guys, now just search for this YouTube video: *Douglas Grayson Amazing Day*

    thank me later on !

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