Film Theory: What Everyone Got WRONG About Squid Game! (오징어 게임)

Film Theory: What Everyone Got WRONG About Squid Game! (오징어 게임)

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It feels like EVERYONE is talking about Squid Game, the Korean action / drama about a deadly series of children’s games. I’ve seen other channels take a swing at explaining the series and figuring out the best strategy to surviving until the end, but I felt like I needed to try and figure it out myself. There had to be a perfect winning strategy. Theorists, I think I’ve found out the ULTIMATE way to survive to win the Squid Game!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper. and Tom Robinson
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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37 Responses

  1. PaleVoyager says:

    “If the glass expert shared earlier, everyone could have survived.”

    Except once the game-master realized what he was doing, they turned out the lights. Waiting until there were only a few panels left was actually the most sound strategy for his own survival.

  2. Alteori says:

    I also wondered the same thing with the beam but the game runners probably would have done something. They did turn off the light when they found someone getting around not knowing which glass is which

    • Hari Bebas says:

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    • Yiing Jenn says:

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    • Natalie Ward says:

      Looking forward to the next video

    • A Singular Pea says:


    • LowercaseHorse2 says:

      @Chetsi Rene doesnt it just mean that the rules dont matter? They do what they want.

  3. Ricky Ly says:

    The english dub is hilarious. Its like a group of highschoolers being forced to do a group project.

  4. Bella Chan says:

    I love it when people complain that the acting was shitty. It just screams they watched it in dub. 😂

    • Morning Breeze says:

      @Enrico Malatesta 😂😂i saw original one with subs but i did enjoy
      No offense just telling

    • Campas says:

      ah yes, another person that watched sub and think that they’re better than everyone else

    • Angrynoodle Twenty Five says:

      Unless we are talking about cartoons where everyone is just voice acting. You are always going to lose some level of emotion in a dub. because the voice actor is not “there” in the same sense that the original actor is.

  5. DeMoNiC TriP says:

    this game is more like “Kaiji, the ultimate gambler” on an extreme way.

  6. Caleb Santana says:

    I believe in the second to last game, the reason it was much more violent and with more chances for flashy deaths was simply to impress the VIPs more. I understand that it goes against the key ideals of the creator, but in this strange scenario, the creator was both not competing and not watching. I believe that if the creator was there that the 2nd to last game would have been different.

  7. MrMovieMaker116 says:

    Mattpat: “Subs are always better than dubs!”
    Also Mattpat: Uses dub clips.

  8. The OneManArmy says:

    Matpat: “12% chance to win squid game”
    Gacha gamers: “I see this as an absolute win”

    • FAWAZ GERHARD says:

      @Stranger Danger F2p players existing doesn’t make a game is justifiable for being a casino but for teenagers and unemployed, that argument is so stupid.

      Sure you can enjoy the games as a f2p but your experience is very different compared to players who spend money.

    • Stranger Danger says:

      @FAWAZ GERHARD Modeen-day Gacha games (Cookie Run Kingdom/Genshin Impact) are most definitely enjoyable with AND without money and either way are generous with the resources to progress in said games. If we’re talking other Gacha games, popular or not (Arknights, Sdorica, FE/DB Heroes, etc.) most of the time people know what they’re doing and are bound to their parents’ credit cards anyway.

      On the chance that someone’s stupid enough to spend money without their supervisor’s permission then they’ll either have their stuff taken away or the game in question deleted. Gacha games are a give and take relationship if you’re paying. You get a good character(s), and the company gets money.

  9. Fission Mailure says:

    I mean, the reason the glass bridge game feels so out of place is that unlike the other games, it’s directly inspired by another death game story: It’s the steel beams challenge from Kaiji, with the story playing out much the same way — the characters all end up having to go in a fixed order, causing some of them to push others off when they can’t get by; the gamemasters bend the rules nearly to breaking point to get more players to die (switching off the lights in Squid Game, ‘delaying’ in switching off the power in Kaiji), and there’s a deadly surprise waiting at the end (the exploding bridge and the air pressure respectively). Every other game is a children’s game, and that one is an episode long homage to an older work that inspired the show.

  10. Your local dumbass says:

    Squid game has taught me some things…
    1. Always go last
    2. Never trust the word eliminated
    3. Don’t gamble

    • alice💙💕 says:

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