Film Theory: What is Detective Pikachu’s Secret Identity? (Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie)

Film Theory: What is Detective Pikachu’s Secret Identity? (Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie)

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The Detective Pikachu movie is shaping up to be a CRAZY time! Seriously, a talking Pikachu with a mysterious past in a movie full of live action Pokemon? This was begging for a theory. Today, I found out what I think will be the BIGGEST twist in the entire movie! No, I’m not talking about MewTwo. I mean, they even showed him in the trailer. No, I’m talking about who Detective Pikachu’s forgotten trainer really is! Grab your pokedex Theorists!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


Diamond/Pearl episode 149

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43 Responses

  1. Mitchell Mueller says:

    This theory is a stretch.

    But the idea is cool and I’m hyped for. Detective Pikachu, so this was a good episode. Keep it up!

    • Miguel Claridy says:

      Even though Pikachu in the commercial said that he’s been so lonely? Once he realized that someone could finally understand him again?

    • Gwyn says:

      Yeah, felt like some of the arguments were a bit forced but it, nevertheless, was a good episode

  2. Burst Striker says:

    Notification squad here matpat go film theory

  3. GaMeR GiRl says:

    Please do a theory on how many safety regulations Wonder Park is breaking

  4. Gentleman Dog says:

    Now I want a video of Ryan Reynolds dubbing over Ash and Pikachu moments in the anime

    Damn it Filmtheory!!!!!

  5. Christopher Butler says:

    I’m afraid you’ve got several off base conclusions MatPat, one being that Ash’s Pikachu is addicted to Ketchup, not Coffee. Yes he drinks tea, but then again, in the games it also heals the pokemon.

    I’m leaning toward more of a Mystery Dungeon concept of it BEING his father

    • Rachel Bennett says:

      All the evidence in the game points to him being Tim’s father, so while I don’t believe Mat’s theory, I personally enjoyed the new idea, even with the off base conclusions. I also enjoy your criticism, it points out flaws without being aggressive.

    • Tanomi Kevin1986 says:

      Also since he disregarded the game he missed one clue, ashes/red’s pikachu was in the game as a cute Easter egg in one cutscene when tim mistakenly thought a random pikachu was detective pikachu

  6. Maks Archer says:

    “Oh cool, another film theory episode!”
    *5 mins in*
    “Wait, where’s the intro?”

  7. Theo Arctaedius says:

    This is pretty farfetched.

    Just like the pokemon

  8. Talooz Rex says:

    The microphone is a marker and y can’t Ash or Team Rocket catch her

  9. Diebetic Duck says:

    I just thought Tim was ash’s son but you know

  10. The Magnifikle says:

    Or it could be using Pokémon Mystery Dungeon rules, where you are turned into a Pokémon and lose your memories…

  11. Joshua Le says:

    1:57 wait a second, something about that tail doesn’t look right…

  12. Geek Girl says:

    I can do a really realistic Pikachu impression. ∆ º ᴥ º∆

  13. DeuteriumTech says:

    You know what would be really cool? The ending credits of that movie playing the Pokemon Theme song.

  14. Brendan Rayner says:

    Aaaand, there is one last thing you missed. In one of the trailers, Pikachu stands on Tim’s shoulder, only for Tim to reply with “No, we’re not doing that”

    Just like how Ash’s pikachu stands on his shoulder.

  15. Moon Landy says:

    post credits scene where Ash himself walks in and says “Mr. Goodman, I’d like to talk to you about the Elite Four Initiative” lmao

  16. Roaring Thunder115 says:

    DeadPool! That’s what he is.

    Also Jigglypuff looks amazing as a Mafia boss. I love Snorlax. Greninja needs plastic surgery.
    Also Ash’s Pikachu is in the game so debunked.

  17. Philip Roberts says:

    His name is Pikapool but keep up the good work love your video

  18. DoomDesired says:

    If you played the Detective Pikachu games you would know the answer.

  19. Argem says:

    Okay, I know this is off the topic of Pokemon, but I just gotta appreciate MatPat’s “The Good Place” reference at 9:12 there ?

  20. Violet Draws says:

    4:54 I think when jigglypuff turns around they realize they were being watched draw in someone’s face.

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