Film Theory: Who’s REALLY in Control?! (DHMIS)

Film Theory: Who’s REALLY in Control?! (DHMIS)

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While we’re waiting on Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared season 2, I’m cranking out the THEORIES! In the last DHMIS video I uncovered the TRUTH about Yellow Guy. Spoiler alert: he’s actually dead! But I skipped over one unsolved mystery. . . the strange symbols on the mysterious book. There’s something SUPER weird about it, so I invited @RemGames to help me solve the mystery. Let’s figure this out once and for all!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Pedro Freitas, Brandon_n_motion, and Koen Verhagen
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30 Responses

  1. Shook Doggo says:

    it’s very nice to watch matpat bring in a smaller creator instead of repeating their theory. big respect matpat

    • Rexie48 says:

      @don’t be surprised bruh ur a bot. oh god, the bots are learning.

    • Dan S says:

      For real. Good on him.

    • Minty Mouths says:

      For a second I thought this was one of those haha “smaller creator” jokes where a commenter says this exact thing, but are being sarcastic because the quote on quote “smaller creator” is actually more popular than the person who made the video

      I was like “no way, how have I not heard of an even more popular theorist than matpat?”

      But no, it’s genuine! He really was a smaller creator, who’da guessed?

    • Glitch Cookie says:

      @beyond your imagination bruh

    • studford 2 says:


  2. Gavin Grant says:

    i love how matpat doesn’t colonize ideas and allows those who came up with these theories vocalize it for themselves

    • Eos Aurora says:

      @AscendtionArc what happened here? I hadn’t heard of it

    • AscendtionArc says:

      I agree, but mostly because the instance where I had enough knowledge to realise he was just repackaging a smaller creator’s work, left a sour taste in my mouth.
      I really hope he’s moved beyond that whole Inscryption debacle and behaves more like this in the future.
      When he actually does know about subjects, his videos are always good.

    • here is the full clip says:

      Link to the Clip : They finally released this

  3. Diesel Weasel says:

    MASSIVE respect for not only watching Rem’s videos, but opting to INVITE HIM TO COLLABORATE rather than just rehashing his own theories.

  4. Pump says:

    I love how Leslie isn’t a villain
    She’s just a woman in grief ANF trying to build her family back

  5. Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW says:

    The symbol for Yellow Guy makes sense because he removes batteries from himself in the season finale. The symbol looks like batteries.

  6. awsten m says:

    I love seeing all the new people matpat is inviting to his videos and his team, they’re so talented and definitely deserve a place at the theorist table

  7. linkman0596 says:

    I have to comment just to say I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING THIS FORMAT! Having a guest theorist come on and making the lore analysis into more of a conversation is just wonderful

  8. Lefty Jones says:

    I’m so glad you’re still covering DHMIS because the show deserves every bit of attention it can get and I hope more than anything that it gets a season 2. It seriously blows my mind how much effort and passion went into it. It’s hilarious, it’s unsettling, and it stays true to the original series’ tone while also fleshing out all of the wonderful characters we’ve grown to love.

  9. Into this says:

    I love seeing smaller creators like Film Theory getting the recognition they deserve

  10. mr scrumble was beaten to death by Blarf says:

    I think all the items in the windows in Leslie’s room actually stand for what each character wants/needs to be happy. The chuddle dollops represent family, and Duck is clearly shown in the family episode to want a family. Red guy was jealous of yellow guy in the death episode because red really really wanted to be dead, so the shovel represents death. Yellow guy wants the truth, knowledge, etc and the batteries are the only thing that allows him to learn and be his real self, so they’re in his window. I agree with the different iterations theory, but I don’t think it applies to Leslie’s windows. I feel that it’s what each character wants the most from their lives

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