Film Theory: Why Morty WILL KILL Rick! (Rick and Morty)

Film Theory: Why Morty WILL KILL Rick! (Rick and Morty)

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Season 3 of RICK AND MORTY is finally here, and I am ready! I’ve spent weeks pouring over every little detail, every episode, every comic (yes, there are comics); and for what you might ask? Well because I have a problem… But also, because I’m eager to figure out any hint of what season 3 might have in store for us. And boy did I ever find something. Something big. Something series ending even.

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20 Responses

  1. Dale Ritter says:

    Can you fucking STOP with the subscribe begging in the middle and beginning of your videos, you can’t even make the claim that you wanna raise awareness about subscribing to channels and bringing it to mind. Your content is good enough to warrant a subscription, but honestly, I’m so sick and fucking tired of it that I’m unsubscribing until you cut this shit from your videos. It’s not funny, it’s not interesting, it’s pathetic. You have 4.8 million subscribers on this channel and it’s not even your main channel, I don’t even see smaller channels that are clawing for their first 100,000 beg and pester their viewers this bad. CUT. THIS. SHIT. PLEASE.

  2. Saw says:

    What if evil morty is future our morty

  3. Alec Pitts says:

    Except, Matpat, you are saying that Rick has been gone for twenty years until he came onto his daughters doorstep, except you seem to have overlooked the fact that Beth, summer, and Jerry are not Rick-c137’s original family. They died in the first episode I think? (Not sure about which episode) but the original Rick and Morty did die. So it is extremely possible that Rick-c137 was around for this specific Morty when he was a baby, and since we don’t know his original universe we can’t say for sure if he had disappeared or not. And I must remind you again that the shows Morty and Rick is not the Beth, summer, and Jerry’s original Rick and Morty. Because they’re dead.

  4. Tezla Alchemia says:

    3 minutes of an anime commercial and 30 seconds of trying to get you to sub AND 30 seconds of opening credits AND AND 1 minute of a fake theory about fidget spinners!

    that means this theory vid is only 13 minutes long. now thats still fine enough for Film Theory (in fact thats average for this channel) but the 5 full flipping minutes of NOT VIDEO isnt normal for this channel!
    some of his shorter videos are 5 minutes long!
    this just rubs me the wrong way and the only reason i really noticed it is because he put that bit in the MIDDLE of the video trying to get me to sub in 30sec and GOOD GOD i hate that!
    it just feels so manipulative because he is praying on our instincts to try and trick our brains into wanting to sub by putting it in the form of a timed challenge just like those guys who would say “lets see if we can get this video to 4,000 likes and maybe ill have a surprise in the next video!”
    its just so scummy and i expect BETTER from Matpat!
    i know he has all the data on how to manipulate us like this cause he talks about this kind of thing all the time on game theory with his youtube theory vids!

    just please stop it man, im not going to unsub over this, but you are slowly building resentment in the people who actually notice this and it is not ok.

    (also anyone that subs just because you manipulated them like this isnt going to keep coming back because they dont actually WANT to watch more of your videos, they have just been tricked and they will unsub later anyway.)

  5. Blank Animations YOY says:

    I don’t have bad memorys of Matpat…


  6. Sam Huynh says:

    Despite what people say in ur videos MatPat I enjoy them and personally believe 99.99% of the people leaving hate comments couldn’t come up with a better theory if they tried.

  7. Inferno Claw says:

    MatPat I see a lot of people in these comments disliking the fact of the 30 sec of asking for a subscribe. I have been a subscriber of Game Theory for about 3 years now and Film Theory as soon as I heard about it. I think you absolutely deserve 30 sec in your videos to ask kindly (and hilariously) for a subscribe. You put so much time and effort into weekly videos that you choose to make 15-20 minutes long. I don’t watch Rick and Morty but I think every theory is interesting to learn about and I watch every one. To everyone who complained; oh well, suck it up. I want to see you put out this quality of video and NOT ask for a subscribe. Then ask yourself how often thus happens in his videos. Not really ever, so is it really that big of a deal? I mean at least he made it relate to the topic of the video, making it funny in the process! I apologize for some of these people’s attitudes MatPat, you don’t deserve to hear hate like that.

  8. Randomization Gaming says:

    I hate that people are hating on matpat just because he made ONE bad video

  9. Bryce Mateer says:

    So where is Morty C137’s original Rick?

  10. Giant Head says:


  11. Bilal Bawahab says:

    But hey, that’s just a hypothesis, a FILM hypothesis, thanks for watching.

  12. Burning says:

    Okay I did the drinking game and I’m *rickety rickety WREEEEECKED SOOON*

  13. Siddhant Maithani says:

    Actually Morty C-137 is Rick’s orginal Morty.
    Beth(morty’s mom) is 34 years old(according to the rick and Morty wiki)
    And Morty is 14 meaning that beth had Morty when she was 20
    Also in the clip you showed @ 5:36
    Beth said she had to draw Rick into family pictures with “crayon” and I don’t think a 20+ year old woman would use crayon let alone draw him into pictures which means she was a child when he was away so at the very least Rick was gone while Beth was 3 years old, and yes 3 year olds can draw meaning that after his 20 year absence he would have returned when Morty was 3 years old thus making it possible to hold a baby Morty.

  14. Rational Rice says:

    I feel like you’re a little late with that theory Matt

  15. XDLe4tsG0XD says:

    Look Matpat this is a good theory how ever Im going to list points in which I think you could improve on for later videos, chances are you wont see this but if you do please take this criticism into account.

    1. This theory already exists you basically copied it and showed it off, however its in a much more presentable and entertaining format so personally Im fine with it but I dont know about others

    2. Your fidget spinner reference/joke. Im sorry but let dead fads die already in another video you referenced the “what are those meme” its 2017 that should be practically illegal. My suggestion either stray away from Meme culture or only include relevant ones. Also try and stray away from impact font memes

    3. The 30 second subscribe thing was okay the first time. But then you showed it again. Maybe keep it to 10 seconds at the start or end of the video (preferably end) but never twice.

    4. The references were good however it was when you continued on them that they got fairly cringe worthy E.g 13:00 “If you still need more of a fix inject them into your eyeholes.” We got the reference it was funny however then you followed it up with watch out for the eyehole man and it came across like you were trying too hard. When making references perhaps do it more subtly?

    Anyway your theories recently haven’t been the best I think this is due to having to think up two theories each week and edit and record them one for game theory and one for film theory. Dont feel under pressure perhaps the best thing to do at this point in time is to step back and re-evaluate your content and how its changed, perhaps change your upload schedule maybe a game theory 1 week and then a film theory the next, take as long as you need to come up with theories that are thought out more

  16. Akib reza says:

    1:34 Bird Person Shooter I cry every time :'(

  17. Tiaan Van der Riel says:

    Unsubscribed when he did that stupid fucking timeline shit begging for subscribes

  18. MDev says:

    Wow, begging for subs and using fidget spinners to grab your younger audience. I’ll continue to subscribe, but I don’t think this is the “theoriest of theories”. Please make more original and less pandering theories, make good quality content like you used to.

  19. acslayer says:

    Matpat, you not only plagiarized 99% of the content in this video, but you also failed to mention several other aspects behind Evil Morty’s obsession with Rick C-137. You mentioned that Evil Morty’s ultimate goal is to get C-137’s Morty to betray his own Rick. But you’re completely ignoring that fact Evil Morty actually wanted to capture C-137 Rick to “download the contents of his brain” and then subsequently kill him in the same sitting. This is an important piece of information because it shows that Evil Morty’s intentions aren’t to simply get C-137’s Morty to turn on him like you said. This was a personal vendetta.

    Also, stop posting theories that were already done by other people three years ago and passing them as your own. It’s scummy.
    Your videos are becoming more and more self-centered as well as you fail to credit other people’s work. Not to mention those stupid images you post of yourself in the video makes me think how egotistical you actually are. Like I can just imagine that when you go to sleep, you’re dreaming of a world filled with other Matpat’s patting each others’ shoulders.

  20. Alan says:

    Guys аmаzing mеthоd (yоut.vid) *#KApWcZx7TNW* bеfоre hе mаkеs it privаtе аgаin!!

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