Film Theory: Yes, Mirabel DOES Have A Gift! (Encanto)

Film Theory: Yes, Mirabel DOES Have A Gift! (Encanto)

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The question on everyone’s mind after finishing Encanto seems to be one thing. Does Mirabel ACTUALLY have a Gift? You see, she seemed to be the only one able to save the family and hold them together. There is a lot of speculation that hidden somewhere in there is a secret power. Today we are going to figure out what that may be and what it means for the Madrigal family.

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27 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    As someone who’s never even seen Encanto, watching this made me realize that there’s a lot more to these animated movies than meets the eye.

  2. Benny Lewis says:

    Love the theory, as always!
    But one minor correction; casita is feminine because casa is feminine. “Casito” would be something completely different (little case), from “caso”. In Spanish, you refer to the gender of the object, rather than implied human gender. For instance, “mi amor” or “el amor de mi vida” is masculine, but can be used just as easily to refer to a female. It would never be *la amor de mi vida, so it similarly would never be *el casita, even if the theory of the casita being the soul of the abuelo were true.

    • BlackPearl says:

      THANKS FOR CLARIFYING! It really bothered me he said that, no hate just a bit annoyed

    • Gid De La Rosa says:

      Yeah it was honestly sad to see how the team probably has no Spanish speakers or reached out to Spanish speakers for their input…

    • Kayin Clark says:


    • Fireheartl says:

      Did some googling myself at this point. My Spanish is conversational at best, so I am by no means an expert on what is and is not a word, but I’d never heard of a “casito”, always heard the word as “casita”

    • Dylan Johnson says:

      Came here to say this. Just as I am male I would refer to myself in Spanish as “Una Persona” which is female because the noun for person is female.

  3. Quadeemon says:

    I’ve always thought the reason everyone’s picture on their door is what they appear as in the movie is that Casita knows when the magic is gonna stop and it’s warning them.

    • Quadeemon says:

      @DaveyDAKFAE yooo I appreciate the long explanation for a comment that barely now one will ever see

    • DaveyDAKFAE says:

      Casita’s consciousness doesn’t make or control the doors. That’s the issue here- the doors and their respective rooms are not part of Casita. Casita never controls or animates or creates or moves anything within a room. We saw Casita help Mirabel get up stairs faster in the main house, but nothing in Bruno’s room. Mirabel saw cracks everywhere on Casita but an entire crowd of people in the jungle room saw not a single crack, and in fact even Dolores didn’t hear the cracking sounds when she was in the jungle room. The only person who can move and animate things in Isabela’s room is Isabela, and then only because it’s a bunch of plants. Casita excitedly brought Mirabel to her door, not knowing that the door wouldn’t take. For all these reasons and more, we MUST conclude that Casita doesn’t control the rooms any more than it controls the Madrigals themselves. The Madrigals, the Candle, the Doors, and the Casita are all magical, but only the candle controls the others.

      You could easily theorize that the Doors showed their movie age because the CANDLE was trying to warn them, sure, that’s viable, but Casita for sure has no power over the doors, their formation, or the rooms they contain.

  4. Gabi Hawks says:

    Small note, Mirabel’s nickname (Mira) literally translates to look, or to see. So I think it’s not so much that her name is a letter off from the word miracle, but that is an interesting observation. 🙂 This has become my most favorite disney movie. I’ve already watched it 3 times and have listened to the songs many more times. Great theory as always!

    • Emily Armstrong says:

      Vision and viewpoint are major themes in the movie, and it’s built into the character design, dialogue and set design. Mirabel’s name and glasses, the fact that Alma’s bedroom faces the nursery (they literally see the house from reverse angles) and the design of Bruno’s gift.

    • Art Rojas says:

      In Colombia specifically, a very popular name is Maribel. The other day, I read many Latin people saying it would have made so much sense to call the main character Maribel ‘cause it is actually familiar. But nobody had ever heard the name Mirabel, not even me (I’m Latino), so maybe Mirabel was a made up name to resemble the word “miracle” and that would make sense actually, and in that case I understand why they scramble the original name Maribel.

  5. Aerisot says:

    I really like this theory, it actually makes the most sense, as Mirable didn’t need a power, because she already had one, she now GIVES the power, which is why when Antonio held her hand, he was able to have a door, and you are right, his door was different, because Mirable is the new power house..literally.

  6. Mây Hg says:

    Just want to point out a detail that I noticed, what happened when Mirabel completed their new house by adding the doorknob is very similar to what happens when the other Madrigals touch their room doorknobs and receive their gifts. It’s like Casita is her “room” which correspond to her gift: the ability to keep the family together and help the Madrigals grow.
    So I feel like Mirabel’s door didn’t really disappear, it’s just that her room merged into Casita.

  7. Tom TheRavenclaw says:

    A theory I’ve had for a while now is that Mirabel’s gift is the ability to create new Casita establishments. When I went to see the movie in theaters, the main question I had after watching it was how far the Madrigal family could expand. I mean, it’s a relatively small family right now to where they can comfortably fit three generations in one household, but I’m assuming that at least a few of the grandchildren would also want to have kids, and then what? The house is only so big, so there can only be so many more magical doors installed. After even two more generations, wouldn’t there be so many people living in the one casita that it would no longer be practical or even possible to house them all? At this point, would members want to leave and live elsewhere? This is what I theorized Mirabel’s gift to be. The ability to bring the Madrigal magic to other establishments. Think about it: when the casita completely falls apart, the entire town helps to build it. However, the magical gifts of the family members and the house’s sentience only return when Mirabel inserts the doorknob into the front door. Well, what is to say she, or others like her, couldn’t do the same if it was a different house? As it is explained in this video, Mirabel is like Abuela where she is the head and protector of the family. Well, what if she could do so at a different location. Run her own “branch” of the Madrigal’s by, like Abuela, creating her own household with magic. This household would be an extension of the original casita, having sentience and the like. Perhaps this was planned when the magic was first activated, to where every few generations or so, someone is born with no apparent gift, because their destiny is to be a new protector and head of the family/a branch of the family and possibly set up elsewhere.

    There isn’t a lot of evidence supporting this theory tho, so it doesn’t have much validity.

    • Noetic 83 says:

      magical house bro, with doors to diff dimensions, pretty sure the house can just make itself grow to fit more doors/people.

  8. topazdoesthings says:

    Mirabel’s room isn’t just the nursery, that’s just where she sleeps.
    Her room is basically the WHOLE Casita.

  9. Patrick Arnall says:

    I think the reason Mirabel didn’t get any powers is because the ceremony was no longer about the child. The child didn’t mean anything, but rather, their power is what’s important. I think Antonio gets the power not from the rest of the family, but because Mirabel loved him for who he was as a person, and went up with him. Not for the power he would inherit, but because she was there for him, literally on the stairs and figuratively as a person

  10. Marine Boopity says:

    There’s an old folklore about butterflies being relatives who have passed on in life and come back as butterflies every now and then to look after their relatives. I found it interesting that the butterfly kept coming back and ultimately was the symbol that put the family back together – hence my theory of Abuelo Pedro coming back as the butterfly to look over the family as they were breaking apart.

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