Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPS

Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPS

What is the fastest thing we as the human race know of? Gav and Dan try and film that.

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45 Responses

  1. Buzz The Buzzard says:

    I thought this was click bait, so happy it wasn’t!

  2. Jeff McNally says:

    Well, alright then. Good luck topping that one!

  3. 308bar says:

    For a brief fractalpicomilli sec I think I saw the quantum realm. 😛

  4. Perfect Dark says:

    Saw the MIT team doing this on TED talks. Very impressive stuff guys…

  5. James Jackson says:

    You had me at 10 Trillion FPS.

  6. Trading Wizard says:

    I will be one of those lucky enough to have seen light travel captured via a camera.

  7. Jonathan Lastname says:

    Happy for gav.
    I know he was geeking out on the cam gear. Lol.

  8. Bob Rensel says:

    I have only watched the first test. And I have goosebumps, this gave me goosebumps. Amazing.

  9. BDre says:

    Ok the background music at 11:00 makes that clip 10,000,000,000,000,000 times better

  10. Jonathan Lastname says:

    3:03 so this is a bottle of water with a bit of milk in it
    Peng wang: I’m gonna turn on the laser now.

  11. Jerry Peppler says:

    Published just 4 hours ago and there are already 2700+ comments.

  12. Epic Shock says:

    And I can’t even run good games at 60 FPS

  13. Shaiza Qamar says:

    i’m speechless – it’s so much to grasp and try to comprehend just how phenomenal light is. thank you guys for never disappointing me 🙂

  14. Kronos 1215 says:

    ” I can’t even imagine a world without light ”

    ” Yes I suppose that would be pretty dark. “

  15. Andrew Spohrer says:

    The “pong” one would make a good screen saver

  16. mark howard says:

    i wonder how much storage data it takes for the 10 Trillion FPS to get stalled

    • Matthew Baranyai says:

      Let’s say each frame is a medium/high resolution that takes say … 3mb of space. At 10 trillion fps, that’s 30,000,000,000mb per second. That’s equal to about 2.79 petabytes (2,790 terabytes, which is 30,000,000,000/1024^3, because a gigabyte is actually 1024mb, and a terabyte is 1024gb, etc.) of space required per second of filming.

    • PootisMax says:

      Matthew Baranyai r/theydidthemath

    • TimreandPitti says:

      yeah, but it filmed only for 50 picoseconds, so… that won’t be much data, except they had to film for a longer time to be sure to get the right frames

    • Super Vegeta says:

      +TimreandPitti Actually in reality it filmed about fartoseconds and I might even go as far as say pooposeconds but most people assume the usual shartoseconds

  17. Naim Salahuddin says:

    I bet Boulderditch Comfortsnickle pronounces his name “Penguin”

  18. MysticLegend says:

    *turns down video play speed when they use the camera*

    AHA! Now IVE got the fastest camera

  19. codi bunting says:

    I wish they did light going through a prism to see the color spectrum

  20. wind69 wind69 says:

    497 dislikes as im typing, saddest beings on earth

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