FINAL 2020 NFL Mock Draft with Trades Included!

FINAL 2020 NFL Mock Draft with Trades Included!

Daniel Jeremiah gives his final mock draft ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft.

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87 Responses

  1. Shrihan Vijay says:

    This draft is about to be crazy. So much uncertainty. This is why I love being a football fan

  2. PsychOfficial says:

    No matter whoever is picked first and whoever picks last, the Seahawks should have still ran the ball

  3. Austin 123 says:

    Vikings already have a replacement at DE
    He had 7 sacks and 2 TDs as a back last year! We don’t need a DE at 25

  4. Austin 123 says:

    I’m almost as hyped for the draft as I was for the super bowl!
    That may be because we haven’t seen sports in 6 weeks but still I can’t wait

    • A Potato With 100 Subscribers says:

      Same, been waiting for a month, finally here! My team doesn’t even have a first round pick either.

    • Austin 123 says:

      A Potato With 100 Subscribers I mean ya never know! A trade might happen haha

    • Karan Kooner says:

      Austin 123 haha so true. But then I think the nfl is almost unique in that you can alter the direction of your franchise by hitting. 9ers picked 2nd (NB) and then were in the SB less than a year later. I look forward to the draft every year!

    • A Potato With 100 Subscribers says:

      Austin 123 With Bill O’ Brien as my coach who knows what we would trade to get a first rounder😂

    • A Potato With 100 Subscribers says:

      Kieran Hartnett I think it’s the 40th from AZ, AJ Epenesa would be a nice pick for us after we lost DJ Reader

  5. Vripper says:

    There’s 2 ways to do mock drafts

    People need to learn.

  6. Football Films says:

    No way is Tamp drafting a receiver in round one. They have two great receivers

    • SteadyCheetah says:

      The bucs can’t live up to the hype look what happened to the browns almost every year they’re is a team that is being overhype this year it is the bucs

    • 1derrickk says:

      J M These are not the same saints get that through your head those saints didnt have janoris jenkins emmanual sanders jared cook or any of the ppl we draft this year. Youre bringing up a L from 2 seasons ago as a reason why the bucs are gonna be better than a back to back 13 win team… Do you realize the bucs lost to the saints both games last year… and neither of em were particularly competative? you can put on the typical cocky fan front bc idrgaf I KNOW whats gonna happen in the end lol Also funny for a bucs fan to bring up playoff finishes, especially when the bucs themselves havent been since I dont even know when.

    • 1derrickk says:

      Creative Screen name The bucs have godwin howard and evans… saints have lattimore thomas kamara williams cj gardner johnson marcus davenport and demario davis off the top of my head they have one of the most talented teams in football the bucs literally have NOTHING that is significantly better than the saints

    • SteadyCheetah says:

      1derrickk I’m a panthers fan but the bucs have better receivers tight ends and a better quarterback than the Saints

    • 1derrickk says:

      SteadyCheetah QBs are equal when you disregard accolades neither one is substantially better than the other, thomas and sanders last year had more combined yards than evans and godwin so stop, and sure gronk is better than jared cook. Saints have better defensive line, linebackers and secondary than tampa bay

  7. Sam Co says:

    Can’t wait to rewatch this in 2-3 years and laugh about how we were basically wrong about everything

  8. Dumpster Dave says:

    No way Justin Jefferson is going above jeudy

  9. Flurry says:

    LOL “Tua is too good to pass up” at 6 but he’s too risky at 5? The Media is trash
    edit: I don’t think this is a bad mock draft but the media smokescreen made him think Miami is interested in Herbert lmaoo

  10. Monytep Santomé says:

    In case you want to skip ahead to your team, here it is

    0:17 #1 Bengals
    2:12 #2 Redskins
    4:22 #3 Lions
    4:38 #4 Giants
    5:59 #5 Dolphins
    7:12 #6 Chargers
    10:14 #7 Panthers
    10:30 #8 Cardinals
    10:44 #9 Falcons (Trade)
    13:49 #10 Browns
    14:07 #11 Jets
    14:49 #12 Raiders
    16:03 #13 49ers
    16:19 #14 Buccaneers
    16:33 #15 Broncos
    18:46 #16 Jaguars (Trade)
    19:08 #17 Cowboys
    20:30 #18 Dolphins
    20:48 #19 Raiders
    22:22 #20 Jaguars
    22:55 #21 Eagles
    23:12 #22 Vikings
    23:26 #23 Patriots
    25:13 #24 Saints
    25:30 #25 Vikings
    25:43 #26 Dolphins
    26:34 #27 Seahawks
    26:49 #28 Ravens
    27:04 #29 Titans
    27:24 #30 Packers
    28:18 #31 49ers
    28:35 #32 Chiefs

    Stay safe, y’all

  11. Just A Random Dude On Youtube says:


    Daniel Jeremiah: *Nods head for 29 minutes*

  12. mayorofsimpleton says:

    You can’t say simultaneously Herbert offers immediate help to Dolphins, yet Chargers “can’t pass on such a talented player”. NO CHANCE Dolphins pass on Tua if they pick QB at 5.

  13. Shmavster 420 says:

    If the 49ers want Jefferson over Ruggs and Jeudy they’ll trade down

    • Ernesto says:

      I’m a huge fan of Justin Jefferson. I just would not to spend a 13th on him . Maybe trade down to the 18th pick with dolphins and hope he’s there. Otherwise I think Judy edges him by a tiny margin

    • Ba Doai says:


    • The Boy says:

      Ernesto niners could trade with Atlanta (Henderson will still be on the board at 13) get a third, and gett Jefferson with more value there. Would cover both needs.

    • Will Parker says:

      Joshua Simpson bruh u sound like u play madden and only watch the playoffs lmao

    • Ernesto says:

      The Boy Yhea, Im not 100% sure the dolphins would even want to trade up. Could be Atlanta. Just hope he’s there, because there’s a bit of a drop off in talent from there.

  14. steven erickson says:

    Love when it comes to Tua “The injury risk of Tua will make Miami pass on him” but if the Chargers draft him it’e genius. The Phins are taking him.

    • Drew Nayr says:

      I agree with you, I guess his justification is Chargers have Tyrod and Miami wants a day one starter? Fitz can start if Tua can’t go.
      Justin needs to sit and get some real position coaching, chargers or raiders would be the best spot for him.
      He’s already seen as a high chance bust, going to Miami guarantees it imo.

  15. Bashie says:

    Let’s save you 29 minutes of your life here:

    #1 Bengals: QB Joe Burrow (LSU)

    #2 Redskins: EDGE Chase Young (Ohio St)

    #3 Lions: CB Jeff Okudah (Ohio St)

    #4 Giants: T Tristian Wirfs (Iowa)

    #5 Dolphins: QB Justin Herbert (ORE)

    #6 Chargers QB Tua Tagovalioa (ALA)

    #7 Panthers: LB Isaiah Simmons (CLEM)

    #8 Cardinals T Jedrick Wills (ALA)

    #9 Falcons (via trade w/JAX): DT Derrick Brown (AUB)

    #10 Browns: T Andrew Thomas (UGA)

    #11 Jets: T Mekhi Becton (LOU)

    #12 Raiders: WR CeeDee Lamb (OKLA)

    #13 49ers: WR Justin Jefferson (LSU)

    #14 Buccaneers: WR Jerry Jeudy (ALA)

    #15 Broncos: WR Henry Ruggs III (ALA)

    #16 Jaguars (via trade w/ATL): DT Javon Kinlaw (SCAR)

    #17 Cowboys: CB CJ Henderson (FLA)

    #18 Dolphins: T Austin Jackson (USC)

    #19 Raiders: CB A.J. Terrell (CLEM)

    #20 Jaguars: LB K’Lavon Chaisson (LSU)

    #21 Eagles: LB Kenneth Murray (OKLA)

    #22 Vikings: CB Jaylon Johnson (UTAH)

    #23 Patriots: TE Cole Kemet (ND)

    #24 Saints: WR Jalen Reagor (TCU)

    #25 Vikings: DE Yetur Gross-Matos (PSU)

    #26 Dolphins: C Cesar Ruiz (MICH)

    #27 Seahawks: CB Trevon Diggs (ALA)

    #28 Ravens: LB Patrick Queen (LSU)

    #29 Titans: T Isaiah Wilson (UGA)

    #30 Packers: WR Brandon Aiyuk (ASU)

    #31 49ers: CB Jeff Gladney (TCU)

    #32 Cheifs: DT Ross Blacklock (TCU)

    No need to like just trying to help 👍👍👍

  16. David says:

    I was sold on his picks when he admitted to wearing shorts with his suit top.

  17. Philippe Soucy says:

    if you take Jefferson over Jeudy you are high like a mf

  18. K1NG S1MBA says:

    Dude on the left wasn’t too thrilled about doing this mock draft

  19. Jose Bocanegra says:

    Mock drafts, regardless of who does them, are even MORE USELESS than voter-intention polls months ahead of an election.

  20. David Paulin says:

    I love how the ‘doomsday scenario’ for Tua is falling to the Patriots

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