Final Fantasy VII – E3 2015 Trailer | PS4

Final Fantasy VII – E3 2015 Trailer | PS4

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20 Responses

  1. Chihiro Kikuchi says:

    In before the “not as good as the original” posts that will come once its

  2. Terry Cohen says:

    Weeaboo’s everywhere are crying lol

  3. praygon says:

    Now usually with E3 trailers ill avoid getting hyped after all so many
    great trailers have translated into awful games but this how ever is a
    remake of final fantasy 7 so with that being said dgjfgnfugnjdinihhhjgghgh

  4. Naomi Trevisson says:

    Boia can.

  5. Jester2b04 says:

    OMG I’m gonna have to buy a PS4 just for this. And a fresh box of kleenex ,
    for the mess I just made in my drawers 

  6. Tommy “Generics” Fletcher says:

    I really hope it’s more than just graphics. I want new towns, I want new
    caves, new reactors, regular chocobos that aren’t just yellow, I want more
    in the story, I want new materia, new enemies, new secrets, and I wanna be
    able to go in every sector. I want Midgar to be ridiculously huge and
    explorable! But even if it is just a fresh coat, I’m still buying it. But I
    hope the W-item trick is still there. That tick really helped a lot!
    Especially with the need for greens and those Elixir Pots! Hahahaha! I’m
    stoked :)

  7. Juniper Jellybeans says:

    omg. omg.

  8. Kaye Faye says:

    Oh hey it’s that thing people have been mewling over incessantly to the
    point that everytime Squaresoft is mentioned there is noticeable noise
    pollution from hundreds of miles away. Snarkiness aside, this should be
    cool. I’m admittedly not a huge fan of Final Fantasy or J-RPGs, but if the
    story can draw me in really tightly I tend to make exceptions and the
    original was one of the exceptions so it’ll be nice to see it in graphics
    that haven’t aged MISERABLY. FF7 has not aged gracefully, it’s still
    playable natch since the graphics can’t change the rest of the quality…
    but still. Having better graphics will make it more palatable in this day
    and age.

  9. Yebisu says:





    So many years, so many %ucking years since I played the original one on my
    psx and waited for a remake.

  10. metalmaniacmat says:

    “At last, the promise has been made.” Square….. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!

  11. Lost Memory says:

    Mee too

  12. Mr.Piti Wanlayapirom says:

    Next >>> FF8 Remake

  13. HeavenlyRuler says:


  14. Sherman Herritt says:

    * Looks at Title *

    “Sony…..don’t you do it. Don’t you F’n do this again. I swear to
    god……. ”

    * Listens to cleaver voice-over about us wanting the game remade *

    “By all that is holy…. >.< .....! " * End of trailer * /broken but hopeful mantears.

  15. Julio Rodriguez says:

    Ik this might not happen but i really want a remake of crisis core or the
    story that inspired Zack to become a hero

  16. TenchuuKhan says:

    This just made me cry

  17. MrGloriousBastard says:


  18. Matthew Kenneally says:

    It was my birthday today too.

  19. Thomasine Carney says:


  20. Mister Frollo (PucchiFrance2) says:

    Dream come true !