Final Four: UNC outlasts Oregon

Final Four: UNC outlasts Oregon

North Carolina outlasts Oregon, 77-76, and advances to its second straight National Championship game where the Tar Heels will face the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

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20 Responses

  1. zzzap says:

    Tar Heels, go get it! Be champs.

  2. E E says:

    The last 38 seconds of this highlight are very painful to watch yet I can’t look away. Devastation.

  3. Larry Greene III says:

    2:40 the dude from Villanova that beat us last year at the buzzer is behind our bench with a TARHEEL shirt on…wow! Lol

  4. Charlito Guzman says:

    Can’t believe Oregon couldn’t get the rebound off both those last 2 free throw attempts from NC. You have to box out and get that rebound, to give yourself a chance at the other end. UNC stayed cool and collected in the final minute and Oregon did not. The Oregon Ducks are a very good basketball team and they will be back next season. But congrats to UNC Tarheels.

  5. Jonathan Hart says:

    let’s go Tarheels. Gonna have to hit them free throws

  6. Jennifer Crews says:

    UNC all day baby whether win or lose I’m a die hard Tarheel fan

  7. Malcolm Jamal Warner says:

    That’s what happens when you don’t box out.

  8. Floyd Bennett says:

    How does Jordan Bell not block out on 2 successive free throws when that is the only that should be on his mind? Basketball 101. Inexcusable on his part. He needs to go to a basketball camp or get coached up, but, I learned about blocking out when I played boy’s club ball when I was 10.

  9. William A Johnson says:

    #Champion what a game Kennedy Meeks!!!!!!!

  10. Stem3PunkL3mon 57 says:

    LETS GOOOOO wish it was battle of the Carolinas in championship tho

  11. Pranksta Gangsta says:

    not a unc fan or oregan. duke fan but i voted for unc

  12. moon moon says:

    Who else thinks unc will win the national championship

  13. AJG Productions says:

    To people saying it was an over the back, Bell has to be a lot stronger when boxing out. Especially after the first 2 free throws. It’s not Meeks’ fault he was being soft down there.

  14. SaucerrGone says:

    @2:30 U GOTTA BOX OUT BIG FELLA!! lol

  15. Mrcreeper 88 says:

    Good season ducks!

  16. Christopher Green says:

    It will be really embarrassing if North Carolina looses two championship games in a row though …

  17. Darius Goodman says:

    2:50 Oregons #31 just stands there and boxs out his own teammate to not get the board to give Oregon a chance

  18. Bobby the Goat says:

    And I feel bad for Oregon F**k you Tar Heels

  19. Russell Shaw says:

    I love it I’ve been a Carolina fan all my life but we need Hicks to step up Monday night

  20. M Th says:

    Funny how it took Dillion Brooks to foul out, poor Oregon shooting night 39%, and several phantom calls for North Carolina to win. Also, was I the only one who saw Meeks clearly going over the back on Bell that last rebound. 77-76 North Carolina wins. No, I don’t root for either school. Since the start of the tourney the experts have been rooting for North Carolina. Well, we got North Carolina who happened to lose in heart break fashion last year to Villanova. I’m pretty sure if the NCAA has its way Gonzaga will be in foul trouble all night en route to a big loss.

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