Final full sequence that sent Cavaliers vs. Warriors to OT [Game 1, 2018 NBA Finals] | ESPN

Final full sequence that sent Cavaliers vs. Warriors to OT [Game 1, 2018 NBA Finals] | ESPN

Watch the final full sequence, including George Hill’s missed free throw and JR Smith’s rebound, that sent the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors Game 1 to OT in the 2018 NBA Finals.

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87 Responses

  1. Colby B. says:

    You know it’s over BETWEEN Lebron and the Cavs..if your girl don’t yell and scream at you after she walks in on you cheating it’s over bruh.

  2. Daryl E says:

    George hill is as much to blame as JR

    • A B says:

      watch the clay thompson could on george hill the replay of it, that was blatantly orchestrated and staged, its obvious as hell look how klay just so happens to put his arm out geode hill locks it with his arm and flails his body, and he just so happens to miss the last free-throw to send it to overtime

    • Mike Clarke says:

      Daryl E Nah if he makes it warriors call time and get a set play then win. Ty Lue or someone needed to call time after the rebound.

    • BRBallin1 says:

      I think you could make a case for blaming Hill more than JR because the ball luckily rimmed out to fall into his hands which rarely happens on a 2nd free throw miss.

    • Rob Doe says:


  3. OBG Jay says:

    JR to Lebron: “Hey I thought we was up!?!”
    And that is why you should lay off the WEED!

  4. Tj Nixson says:

    I’m starting to think this shit is rigged 🤔🤔 this is one of the most lopsided finals matchups on paper and the refs are actually helping the massive favorite.. wow. Just wow

    • lownrgy says:

      pros are able to hit rim with a purpose, that happens a lot when need of more than one point

    • Big Poppa Botch says:

      lownrgy But they only needed one point…

    • krunkformula says:

      A B you dumb bruh. It was slo mo for 1, 2 Hill was trying to make sure the timing was right and 3 Klay was playing on a bum knee so he fouled instead of giving up an easy bucket. Rigged? Please you really think they have time to practice that shit. No, they are busy practicing real basketball. Are olympic games staged too? We seem to do well there.

    • Francis Poirier says:

      you can clearly see lebron is still moving when the hit occurs but ooookkaayyyy

    • The Eye says:

      The cavs had all the chances to win. They collapse s

  5. GodspeedGideon says:

    2k19 just severely dropped JR Smith’s IQ points…

  6. Adam says:

    Y’all can say the refs rigged the game but if hill makes that free throw you win, cavs blew that game

    • ThisIsKingTV says:

      Hill didn’t even get fouled. He fail (flopped) on his own. Shouldn’t had been shooting free throws in the first place. Should of been Lebrick’s 6th TO.

    • Drifting Soul says:

      ThisIsKingTV You are stupid. Klay hooked his arm the warriors knew it was a foul that’s why they didn’t even argue the call.

    • Aman Aman says:

      No JR blew that game. He is athletic but not a good basketball player. Look at his bad decision to end the first half reaching for a pass leaving Steph wide open. He is awful and the Cavs win despite him.

    • Jonathan Williams says:

      ThisIsKingTV Lebrick had 51 points. Ironic nickname

    • 10from10 says:

      not if lebron takes the last one 3-4 secs later. better than this shit.

  7. George Lewis says:


  8. world peace2 says:

    50points and still lost? Wow bron gotta go

  9. Michael Andreou says:

    So your telling me Lebron has to drop 50 and one of his teammates misses a free throw with 4 Seconds left to go up by 1 and another one is just running around as High as a kite saying we are ahead. AND THE REFS CHANGED THAT CALL!!!. The gods are not with Lebron.

  10. Avoideds says:

    I Feel so bad for lebron. Has a teammate who can’t make 2 free throws and another one who doesn’t even know what the score is smh man

  11. TheNazar123 says:

    JR Smith Finals MVP

  12. DJ Skandalous says:

    James called timeout with 0.7 seconds left. But they said it’s too late to get it!? Right infront of the ref too? This needs investigated.

    • BADAZZTHANG says:

      Your Name Here so what part of my comment SAYING EXACTLY THAT did you not understand. damn simp

    • Kent Watson says:

      He did not call time out. He started to but then stopped. Take the blinders off.

    • lebron james says:

      Yes player can call jr did with wolf’s 🎮. When bron block that boy n finish him.

    • My Name says:

      that’s pretty much what they just said noob

    • Omari K. says:

      Either way JR Dummy should of attempted to put the ball back in or call a time out or pass or or or or. Its over JR is an idiot, the blame is on him. Plus the refs was clearly watching the last second of the game where the ball was, Why look at LeBron?

  13. Marinko Marinko says:

    JR is braindead

  14. Doe Boy says:

    Even when the warriors lose they win 😔

  15. TheNazar123 says:

    Javale McGee “I can’t believe I missed that easy shot.”

    JR Smith “Hold my beer”

  16. Brandon Reck says:

    I love how JR runs AWAY from the basket instead of attempting a shot. 10/10 level of basketball.

  17. MANDLA DLUDLU says:

    Some really stupid comments here. Nothing wrong with missing a FT with all that pressure. At that point of the game as a player you have to be aware of how much time is left. J.R. got lucky and got the rebound he should have taken a shot as soon as he got that rebound at least he would have tried. This play displayed his disengagement professionalism or non thereof, what a disappointment, Lebron simply has no support…..

    • GTR vs STI says:

      Lebron was 0-4 in overtime and made a lot of turnovers… Warriors made stupid mistakes and Cavs didn’t capitalize on them.

  18. Crazy Steve says:

    Lebron played vs the Warriors, the refs, the crowd, his own teammates, pundits who gave him no chance in this series… and still almost won. Much respect.

    • Arie Fraiser says:

      Joe B 51pts, 8assists, 8rebounds is more than just participation trophy. At the moment LeBron is the MVP of this series easily.

    • Gorilla Glue Expert says:

      Joe B yes it’s called finals mvp

    • Big Poppa Botch says:

      Crazy Steve You realize you’re a pawn right? The league and networks are pushing this bad officiating narrative to polarize people and draw ratings to a finals many people don’t want to see. Think for yourself

  19. Poisonedblade says:

    Smith did the right thing, he just had trouble with math.
    107 + 0 = 108, so dribble out the clock.

  20. metalheadblues says:

    I feel bad for LeBron

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