FINAL UPDATE! Sgnt Harvey is in GREAT hands now!

FINAL UPDATE! Sgnt Harvey is in GREAT hands now!

Miss. Ivory Rose from with the TWRC Wildlife Center on the west side of Houston came to retrieve Sgnt Hurricane Harvey to better care for him. What an awesome experience!

This was such a magical two days with such an amazing creature affectionately known as Sgnt Hurricane Harvey. This predator bird of prey, a killer in its most natural state under normal weather environment conditions. Yet, as Mother Earth churns her fury in the Texas Gulf waters, she’s getting ready to clean house creeping towards Houston, Texas and we here are bracing ourselves for massive flooding. I feel so humbled and blessed to have been given the opportunity to give refuge to Sgnt Hurricane Harvey upon his own request. Such an honor! Just as every bit of an honor if it had been an American Bald Eagle, a Giant Condor, Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, Texas Gov Gregg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, Angelina Jolie or former Texas Governor Rick Perry came to hunker down with us from this storm. Just an very unbelievable experience!

Special thanks to Ivory Rose with the
The Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation. Coalition! (TWRC- Houston)

Everyone is more than welcome to contact Miss Ivory Rose and thank her for her help with Sgnt Hurricane Harvey. And feel free to contact her about his progress

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20 Responses

  1. platedlizard says:

    Thanks for taking care of him! You did a great job with him and I bet he’s real happy to not be in that storm

  2. Flaca Diabla says:


  3. Scott Davis says:

    Good job, I forgive you for watching Fox news;-)

  4. Melissa Calhoun says:

    Hi William — I’m working with Spectrum News in San Antonio and Spectrum News in Austin. Would you be ok with us using your YouTube videos on Sgt. Hurricane Harvey?

  5. Mica Louise says:

    I’m so glad!! Such a good ending he deserves it

  6. Emmett Cortez says:

    The so called professional needed to terrify the Hawk by throwing a blanket over him scaring this shit out of him!!! Should of let William put him in the cage!

  7. Archimtiros says:

    Just as an aside, the abbreviation for Sergeant is Sgt, without the n.
    At any rate, well done.

  8. Pansophic One says:

    This is not real. That was just another racist white trash friend of his who is pretending to take the hawk to safety. These people need to be investigated and arrested. Please report to the authorities ASAP.

  9. Tarawa1943 says:

    Hope TWRC gives viewers an update on H3 condition on their website.

  10. Merry says:

    “What’s that stand for”
    “That’s just our acronym”

  11. Heather Setzer says:

    You are an amazing beautiful person for taking such awesome care of Sgt. Harvey. Every single one of these wack jobs talking smack about what you have done can choke on their words. Not one of them had a heart like yours. I truly admire you and also I am rather jealous. lol I would love to have had a freaking hawk to hang with while waiting out the storm. Once in a lifetime. You never know you might have just rescued The Great Spirit as a test of faith and gained your VIP ticket into Shangri La. Much love to you and Sgt Harvey. 💜💜💜💜

  12. JeremyThePlayer88 says:

    See that, everything works out at the end, Harvey the Hurricane Hawk survived the storm and you did an excellent job taking care of it. You did everything right, and who cares what others say. You will certainly earn any animal’s trust if they are in need.

  13. Barbara Baldwin says:

    ?? This man took time out of his life to rescue a stressed gorgeous bird of prey–a national treasure, and Ivory Rose from the Wildlife Center–came when he called, and will see the gorgeous storm-terrified bird, is watched over… So WHY does this woman “DESERVE” vicious ugly sexist remarks? Would you want your sister/ wife or mother referred to this way?

  14. H Zusman says:

    Don’t know why anyone would bring politics into this. I salute you sir… did a good thing. That’s all that matters. That hawk needed help and you gave it. Good luck in the floods.

  15. Fern H says:

    You’re a good guy, he chose right when he picked you to shelter him. What a magnificent bird! Great job.

  16. Covered Wars says:

    You did good, partner. Forget what all of those teens and drop outs who don’t know what they’re talking about, with the confederate flag and how you took care of the hawk. You’re a good person and earned a subscriber.

  17. Root David says:

    All Yahuah’s blessings go out to “Harvey the Hurricane Hawk” & the guy who rescued him, as well as TWRC Wildlife Center.
    Wonderful Job!

  18. Linda Kern says:

    thank you for fostering the little guy and keeping him safe…you have a big heart!💘💘💘

  19. Anastasia Dunaway says:

    William, what a beautiful conclusion to a great story. A hawk chose you for help. That’s no small thing! ❤️

  20. Chapel Tibet says:

    What a great set of videos. Man oh man, you have excellent hawk karma.

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