Final Words – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Final Words – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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It won’t be long now… You should say your goodbyes.

Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Joel Watson
Screenplay By: Joel Watson, Mike Salcedo
Story By: Joel Watson, Mike Salcedo, Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson
Voice Actors:
Joel Watson – Grandpa
Rob DenBleyker – Grandson
Denise Magdale – Nurse
Trisha Romo – Mother
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Animation: Matt Thurman
Character Design: Jerald Lewis
Background Art: Shawn Coss
Animatic: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound FX: Ben Governale
Assistant Sound Design: Samm Barrett
Music: Steve Lehmann
Supervising Producer: Derek Miller
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Explosm – Autumn Netherton
Production Assistant: Lorraine Bett

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20 Responses

  1. DeadPixel says:

    Here come all the people saying “Butthurt Religious people incoming…” when there’s barely any, if any.

  2. Lovely_ 22 says:

    If all he saw was darkness, lies and a void, doesn’t that mean he went to hell….?

  3. john seeley says:

    I’m Christian but this is funny as hell get it

  4. Jaxon Scrolly says:

    Atheists; you’re allowed to not believe in God because it’s none of my business what you believe in, but that doesn’t mean you should be rude to a whole other religion just because they believe in God and you don’t..

    Btw I didn’t mind this video, It’s not too bad, the part I found funny is how the nurse just smiles and goes “Oh they all do that.”

  5. Comics Champion says:

    People are saying triggered christians but I’m more seeing atheists be dicks.
    I’m an atheist so that’s pretty annoying to see.
    Not everything is a debate guys ?

  6. Ben Lewis says:

    As an existential nihilist and atheist who’s had a near death experience after getting into a brutal car accident I can confirm this.

    My husband told me that after I was rushed to the hospital I immediately hooked up to intensive care units. I was pronounced “dead” from cardiac arrest and other injuries but after they used a defibrillator I “came back to life.”

    While I was “dead” there was LITERALLY nothing but a void of blackness. A never ending world of darkness. The afterlife is everlasting emptiness.

    That’s why I now believe after we die there we neither go to heaven or hell. That shit is fictional anyways. It’s just a false promise ensured by fictitious deities that if we do good we’ll live after death.

  7. The Cannibal ChickenMan says:

    I came to the comments to see original and funny puns but all I see is people saying “this doesn’t offend me” I want some puns give me the puns

  8. Kitty says:

    Now I’m scared to die. Life is so meaningless when it has to end

  9. Julia Budziejewska says:

    My last words: I changed the WiFi password to…… *dies*

  10. Tuong Thai says:

    i DIED laughing lol get it…..?

    I’ll see myself to the execution stand now…

  11. Audie Liem says:

    I see atheists being dicks
    I see religious people being dicks
    But I see even more people calling out those who’s being dicks

    I don’t know what to say

  12. Si Random says:

    Fucking dumbasses. Everyone knows that you get reincarnated. Depending on how good you were, you can choose from 3 animals. That are limited by your behavior in your previous life. Just, please. Gods? No gods? Idiots. Go reincarnation. Trust me.

  13. Richard Watson says:

    Ah yes, another atheist joke, because lord and behold ExplosmEntertainment has never made one of those in their entire business life.

  14. 9eme Bataillon Du Dislike says:

    When atheist dies lol

  15. K@waii B3N says:

    He just went to sleep before he died lol

  16. Marcelo Saunders says:

    Does anyone else suddenly have a crippling fear of death after watching this?

  17. Ravn says:

    Wow should’ve brought a flashlight

  18. Haley Eidsen says:

    Nobody needs to be offended and nobody needs to argue. Because we all have our own beliefs and nobody will change them. If you firmly believe in whatever you believe in, there’s no need to be offended. Yeah we can see that C&H aren’t Christian, but so what. I’m a Christian and this didn’t bother me because my faith is my own. And we should all respect everyone’s beliefs and stop bashing them. Have a good day! ?

  19. Brandon Salgeuro says:

    I’m Jewish, and I found this hilarious

  20. ChickenFeet 00 says:

    Like=7 years of good luck
    Dislike=7 years of bad luck
    Ignore = Get bed bugs
    Subscribe= Smash your crush

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