finally telling the truth…

finally telling the truth…

Feels good to finally get this off my chest…
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49 Responses

  1. RandomlyBeautiful13 says:

    My boyfriend’s grandma has been reusing the same plastic silverware for every party for the entire 6.5 years we’ve been dating. You’re not alone.

    • Purple Pitbulls says:


    • Purple Pitbulls says:

      ??? That makes literally no sense

    • Amanda Hall says:

      Gabbie Hanna ..HEy Gab,I’m Amanda Hall I wrote a comment on this video out I forgot to tell u , one time I I had a splinter in my hand.when I got it out. A baby fdamn spider came.out too (pretty big splinter) it was up under the peice of wood. Dead ofcourse. I had cold chills up my spine. I cried. had a panic attack.thought spider eggs were in me for ..well it still is possible.. I promise I’m a normal woman lol

    • Narketh Howard says:

      +Gabbie Hanna you are a hot piece of ass!

    • greentea town says:

      Lol lol my my family does that 😂

  2. Sarah M says:

    My brother does something I call the ‘quarter effect’. He deals with a lot of neck/back pain because of car accidents as a teen, and i have no idea how he does it but he visualizes something about the size of a quarter and can send it anywhere in his body, like on a sore, tight muscle, and has it go either in circles or back and forth and wherever he imagines it is – THAT SPOT WILL LITERALLY HEAT UP. It’s so weird and interesting

  3. Maria says:

    OMG!!!!!! gabbie just liked my comment and i am screaming!!!!

  4. UnPhotogenic Person says:

    One time I was in a train with broken headphones and I didn’t know they were broken at the time so when I put them in and realised they didn’t work instead of taking them out I just sat there for about 5 hours until I got to my stop

  5. Abigail Elizabeth Foley says:

    Sometimes I pretend I’m a YouTuber and talk to myself about things that have annoy me or have upset me in the past and afterwards I actually feel better 😂

  6. Ariana Grandé says:

    New intro………. I like it

  7. Sandra Silva says:

    Gabbie: “I dont have a Netflix account”
    Me: *gets a Netflix add*
    I think Netflix knows! 😂😂😂😂

  8. Emily Gee says:

    I have a confession…………

    I commented “early” once…….

    I KNOW! I’m so ashamed, but it does feel good to get that off my chest 🙂

  9. Destiny Ann says:

    i have conversations in my head when planning to talk to someone and when i’m alone i rehears them,

    • uh says:

      Destiny Ann I do this too and then get very anxious when they don’t follow the script so now I prepare for many scenarios on how they reply but even then, the script isn’t always followed so yeah

  10. ᅲ.ᅲRayvin says:

    One weird and embarrassing thing I do/feel is when I’m completely alone, and I know I am, I still feel like all the furniture is watching me and can hear what I’m saying. It’s so weird lol

  11. Shakira Sky says:

    I keep saying sorry even when i dont do anything

  12. jeshface says:

    i talk to myself CONSTANTLY, but as if i am someone else. it helps when you need to vent. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. M.J. says:

    When I tell you I speak to myself ALL THE TIME I am not joking. I will have full conversations with myself and not even think anything of it. One time I got home from school and thought I was alone and was just talking to myself when suddenly my older brother came out like who are you on the phone with? Needless to say I was a little humiliated lol

  14. Eve Krasniqi says:

    i hope im not the only one.. but i’ll go into a shop or i have to make a call and literally rehearse what im gonna say to them 🤦🏻‍♀️

  15. Kateski says:

    8:46 SAME. The message could just say hey what’s up? And depending on the day my anxiety would go through the roof and I’d delete it 😏🙃 but fun part is sometimes I don’t even send the message..I always have to reread my message 3-4 times before sending it and 9/10 times I delete it. Oh well

  16. Peach Peach says:

    Everyone in YouTube are doing the “telling my truth” “telling the truth” challenge

  17. Barry Bee Benson says:

    i pretend that i’m a celebrity and answering questions in an interview, and i also pretend that i’m a youtuber and just talk to myself. in the shower and in my room. and then sometimes i just look at myself in the mirror and i pretend i’m in a photoshoot and i do some poses (i’d look good BHAHA)
    and i also do this 15:22 i literally thought i was the only one haha, but i mean it feels good-
    yeah idk this is just kinda embarrassing lol

  18. The Purple Palace says:

    Sometimes when I’m bored I’ll look in the bathroom mirror and make the most twisted faces to see if i can scare myself and I’ll look deep in to my eyes until I don’t recognize my face. When I DO get scared of my own reflection I stop, close the door behind me and go sit on the couch and watch tv. 🎉

  19. Llama girl :P says:

    Nobody else is confessing to pick their nose… I do it too Gabbie…

  20. Tianna Ouellette says:

    LOL anyone else read the menu BEFORE going to the restaurant to avoid taking to long to figure out what you want ahaha anyway loved this video girl!

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