Finding Dory – Movie Review

Finding Dory – Movie Review

Nemo has been found, now Dory finds herself in her own adventure to find her long lost parents. Here’s my review of Pixar’s “Finding Dory”!

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20 Responses

  1. r7diego says:

    Are you pulling an Ace Ventura ?

  2. Andy Montanez says:

    Dory dies

  3. Gabriel Serrano says:

    After watching the film theorists, i see dory in such a way more different
    way and point of view

  4. Pollaw ITLT says:

    zootopia is still better

  5. Brie says:

    You are looking especially sharp in this video, mister.

  6. Braulio navarro says:


  7. jordan ryan says:

    Dude hair

  8. Cuca Cuca says:

    glad that I wasn’t the only one distracted by his hair xD

  9. Paige Broderick says:

    Jeremy, your hair is so on fleek! Loving it.

  10. DrunkenShinobi says:

    Your new haircut is weird, Jeremy, like someone glued the top to your
    Your reviews are still awesome, though.

  11. Max Madmax says:

    you’re gonna love the Sausage movie, it will feel like a Horror movie, but
    way more hilarious !

  12. Quantum Mechanics says:

    can you please the angry birds one

  13. Wolf Lord says:

    Dude…….that hair is abysmal…..

  14. Pure evil Stuckman says:

    does the hair match the drapes mmm I wonder

  15. atextmessage says:

    Movie Review Channels = The New Jinx-type Channel

  16. Mufasa the lion says:

    These recent pixar films (Inside Out, Frozen, Zootopia) have been overrated
    IMO. I hope this movie will change my mind. I loved finding nemo.

  17. Jonatan Gonzalez says:

    Jermey! What In The fuck did you do to your hair

  18. lazlo142 says:

    +Jeremy Jahns look at MatPat’s theory that she is faking it

  19. Rakusyo Minoji says:

    Film Theory anyone?


    Wait is it out