Finding Inspiration for my Hermitcraft Base

Finding Inspiration for my Hermitcraft Base

Grian goes on a trip to the shambles in York which is an unofficial hotspot for people who want to experience “diagon alley” in real life with a sense of historic authenticity

Co-Producer/Director – Dom Rounds
DOP/Camera Operator – Lewis Comissiong
Sound – Oliver Compton

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44 Responses

  1. Spirytx says:

    The fact that one of the reasons he is building this is so that he doesn’t have to build the back is such a grian thing to do that i’m not surprised at this point

  2. arnm says:

    If Grian doesn’t include pigeons in his build, I will be very sad

  3. Jacob Romero says:

    Wow I feel like the G-Train really ties in nicely with the Harry Potter theme of your base. You should make a station for it called Platform 9 3/4

  4. Thikachu says:

    “s’cuse me sir what are you doing out here at 4 in the morning?”
    “… I’m taking pictures for my Minecraft build, what are YOU doing out here?”
    “uh…. nothing?”

  5. - Kyrel - says:

    ah yes, building a street in a cave so he doesn’t have to build the back, classic Grian

  6. Zappr says:

    “4am rolled around”
    Those poor film students lmao

  7. TheNinjaNolan Daniele says:

    Finally he’s done it: rustic house city base

  8. Ayushmaan Mishra says:

    Scar is building the Weasley’s house and Grian is building Diagon Alley. Looks like this season is going to be filled to the brim with Harry Potter builds.

  9. JABS says:

    Grian: “There was no one there whatsoever”

    Cameraman: *Gulps*

  10. ixNoah says:

    He’s gotta build the Prank Shop with End Crystals, Slime and stuff in it.

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