Finding Out I’m Pregnant!

Finding Out I’m Pregnant!

Finding Out I’m Pregnant! So happy we can finally share all of this with the jatie fam, feels like we’ve been keeping it a secret for so long!


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31 Responses

  1. Jatie Vlogs says:

    Pregnancy announcement:

  2. Kaylan Nest says:

    I’m literally crying congrats Katie and Josh you guys are going to be the best parents!

  3. Ella C says:


  4. Courtney Cruey says:

    I’ve never been happier to see a couple on social media announce their pregnancy. I’ve followed for many years since not long after y’all got together and I’m so confident you both are going to be incredible parents and I pray you have a safe healthy pregnancy and baby and that we get to continue to watch you grow. Social media is always hard but it gets more difficult after having children because everyone thinks they know what is best for YOUR children. Never let those people change you or phase you. Congratulations to you both! ❤

  5. Ash says:

    Fun fact: Those cheap ones are what they use in the DR’s office and then they do a blood test to confirm. They are literally accurate. I took 4 of them when I was pregnant with my daughter and then took 2 of the expensive ones to ‘confirm’ and my obgyn told me the cheapos are as accurate as the expensive ones xD

    All that aside, i am literally SCREAMING because im so excited for all these videos that are going to come out! Also i had a suggestion on how to ‘document’ your pregnancy besides the videos. You could do what a few moms do and take a photo of your stomach holding a sign saying how many weeks pregnant you are. So you can watch the transformation of your body throughout the journey <3 I'm so excited for you two and you are both going to be such amazing parents! Here's to 2023

  6. Ella C says:

    I can’t wait to see Josh’s reaction in the next video!! I know his reaction will be adorable!! Congratulations! This is such a blessing!!

  7. Shannon Onslow says:

    It took me 6 tests to believe i was pregnant, my son is almost 2 now, its a magical feeling finding out and then going through the whole process. Congrats both of you

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  8. Jatie Vlogs says:

    Who’s excited for Joshs reaction? 🎉

  9. Elissa Mahfouz says:

    Dear Josh and Katie,

    I just wanted to reach out and express my excitement and happiness for you both! I have been following your love story since you started dating, got engaged, and got married and I am thrilled to hear the news of your pregnancy.

    I have no doubt that you both will make amazing parents. Your love for each other and the way you care for those around you is truly inspiring. You both have so much love to give and I know your child will be incredibly lucky to have you as their parents.

    I can’t wait to be a part of this new adventure with you both and to see all the love, laughter, and memories that are yet to come.

    Wishing you all the best🤍

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  10. Jane Landry says:

    Congratulations Katie and Josh! Tears of joy were rolling down my cheeks as I was watching Katie find out she was pregnant. We may not be “blood” family but we are your Jatie family . You have both been so gracious to share your lives with us and I am so excited to take this next journey with you as you become parents. And can I just say that Baby Brueckner is so lucky to have such wonderful and amazing parents. Love to both of you! ❤

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