Finding Out I’m Pregnant!

Finding Out I’m Pregnant!

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37 Responses

  1. MEET Magazine says:

    Congratulations to the greatest YouTuber of all time!

  2. The Truth says:


  3. emily S says:

    I think it’s so special that Colleens angel baby came to surprise her and change her views on getting pregnant again. Now she will have a rainbow baby that brings her endless joy and love that grew from experiencing such loss! This baby will forever have a guardian angel ❤️ 🌈

  4. Erika Grace says:

    My best friend was one of your biggest fans and passed away in March. I know she is smiling down watching this. 💛

    • galaxeyplayz 17 says:

      Aww 🥺

    • dwaekki supremacy says:

      i’m so so incredibly sorry for the loss of your best friend :((( she definitely is up there smiling at this, i don’t know what the reason for her passing is, but i hope and know that she’s now resting with no pain <3 i understand too, my friend took his life just 2 weeks ago and it's absolutely one of the worst things to go through. school is a struggle too, with the exams nearing and there's just this empty seat in classes. we'll get through this tho, it's something that truly takes time to heal and i'm sending courage and love to you!! ❤

    • Will says:

      sorry for your loss, hope you’re doing alright ❤️

    • Marshmallow Puffies says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss! May she rest in peace💛 She’s probably so excited watching this from heaven💛

    • Aesthetically Olivia says:

      @Mocha Mocha ❤️

  5. Ariel Thrasher says:

    “i’m gonna gag. i’m gonna throw up. well i hope i don’t throw up. i mean i’ll probably be throwing up soon.” lmaoooo congrats 🤍

  6. welp says:

    I feel like this time around when Colleen feels her symptoms it’s still gonna feel like crap, but it’s going to help when she looks at Flynn and knows after all of that pain she gets to hold another amazing human. I can’t wait.

  7. Amber Rae says:

    Maybe you missing filming your baby’s positive test is because the baby is already like erik and doesn’t want to be on camera lmao

  8. Shyamoli Pathak says:

    ok I’m literally so torn between hoping it’s a Ballinger – Stocklin baby girl (cause come on, she’d be stinkin cute + Bailey would finally get a cousin sister) and hoping it’s a Ballinger – Stocklin baby boy because the psychic predicted it 🙊

    • Katie Taterka says:

      @ClaryFlynn98 You do tend to see the huge increase in HG levels for twins which could explain why the line was nonexistent and then super dark the next morning 😳

    • soulpainter says:

      @Katie Taterka good theory! Also since the bump is showing so soon, and how she said the symptoms are much worse. Maybe because there are 2?

    • Morgan Stewart says:

      @Katie Taterka she showed an ultrasound clip in the main channel video and there was one baby

    • Katie Taterka says:

      @Morgan Stewart Oh that’s right! The HG difference was probably from diluted vs concentrated urine then!

  9. Abbie Gregory says:

    “did you ask duncan if he likes the alphabet song” “🎵🎶🎤aaallphaabet” HES SO FUNNY

  10. Miss Aubrey says:

    I’m 33 and have known my whole life that I’ll never be able to have children. I love seeing women get their miracle 💛

    • Beautiful Ari says:

      I’m so sorry for you but I’m glad you can see other people have their dreams come true.

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