Finding out the gender of our baby

Finding out the gender of our baby

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34 Responses

  1. SeanDoesMagic says:


    You know what they said-
    “It was so nice, had to do it twice!” 🥳

  2. Carli Paige says:

    As a mama of 2 boys, I can totally say having 2 boys is literally the best. They will grow up and be best friends. I am so happy for yall. Congratulations! 🩵

    • Suzy pops says:

      Mine are nine years apart and they fight over everything.

    • Ashley Gonzalez says:

      Mom of 2 boys here. They’re besties but I’m also a referee not a mom anymore so. It’s wild but it’s fun.

    • TheBalkenende says:

      Unfortunately me and my brother never got along well. We are both in our 30s now. So it’s not always true 🙁 I am sometimes jealous when I see my friends get along with their own brothers like they are friends.

    • Rachel Dee says:

      Just gave birth to our second child a couple months ago. Both boys. We’re so happy to have them one after the other and honored to raise these future men.

    • mary pavey says:

      Yes! 2 boy mama here too. Boys are the best. ❤😊

  3. Jaja says:

    “They’re gonna be best little friends!” MY HEART 🥹🥹💕💕 SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!! I know you’re both going to raise your sons well!

  4. Lilly’s Fashún says:

    The way that Matt hypes up Abby is so amazing! Matt is gonna set such a good example for their sons

  5. Victoria Hendricks says:

    After 6 years of fertility struggles (PCOS), watching you and so many loved ones become parents… husband and I found out yesterday we are expecting our first!!!! Definitely excited but feeling so many emotions ♥️. Soooooo excited for y’all!

  6. Virginia Bryan says:

    Griffin is going to be the best and supportive big brother ever.
    Literally love u guys❤

  7. That Brazilian Couple says:

    Congratulations guys!! We’re so excited and happy for you ❤❤

  8. Lorna B says:

    When Abby shows her pregnant tummy to Matt he tells her she’s getting cuter every day what great empowerment to Abby! Great guy!💪🥰 Sending much love to you I’m a new sub!

  9. katie says:

    the joy that was flowing out of me when matt opened the envelope 😩😩😩 i am so incredibly happy for ya’ll, y’all are amazing parents and this baby is coming into a world with so much love. congratulations y’all, love from texas🤎

  10. Cara Dixon says:

    I absolutely love how doting Matt is and how much he tells her that she looks so beautiful all the time!! Honestly, any girl would be blessed to have a man that does that!

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