Finesse2tymes And MoneyBaggYo “Black Visa” Studio Session

Finesse2tymes And MoneyBaggYo “Black Visa” Studio Session

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    Legendary Shit Right Here, Both Of Y’all Showing Growth By Putting Things Behind Y’all & Focusing On The Bigger Picture.

  2. Quinton Miller says:

    I love it my guy forget the dumb ish…this is growth and maturity. Y’all started together end it together.. by y’all squashing the beef it’s letting the youth know also they can do it too..salute to both of you guys GET THE MONEY!

  3. Under My guns says:

    This what you call letting bygones be bygones salute to 2 real ones. I wish this would’ve happened wit Dolph

  4. Devante Winston says:

    Damn it’s wholesome seeing someone still using a pen and a pad

  5. Moms Music says:

    i appreciate he wrote the shit on paper…. thats a lost art

  6. Kream Beezy says:

    Damn People were more happy when they was beefing. I remember reading comments on it. But glad they Settled they differences like men. History in the Making 🔥💪🏽💯

  7. James Blue says:

    Last night I was watching a video where a P was saying Memphis cats are more unified and support each other more than other places. I thought to myself that that was probably something dope to see. Then all day today I’ve been able to actually see it in action.

  8. Billy garcia says:

    salute to both of you…growth.

  9. september johnson says:

    I’m so excited for them🤝🏾. Whatever they put out gonna be crazy 🔥

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