Finesse2Tymes ft. Moneybagg Yo – Black Visa

Finesse2Tymes ft. Moneybagg Yo – Black Visa

In an unexpected twist on a saga that began almost 6 years ago, Finesse2Tymes and Moneybagg Yo reunite with a vengeance. Tune in !

#breadgang #moneybaggyo #finesse2tymes #mobties #nlessent

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18 Responses

  1. Dinero says:

    Now this is what the rap game needed! Two black men putting differences aside and coming together to make money and good music

  2. Marlon Peters says:

    I love when two almighty brothers can leave the BS behind and get to the money. Nation Business ⭐5!

    • wes bradford says:

      AVLN 🤚🏽🤚🏽🤚🏽🤚🏽

    • Zo Pound says:

      @Devine El Almighty as in Vice Lord is what he mean nation business 5 point ⭐.

    • D.J OVER 50 says:

      All is well

    • Devine El says:

      @Zo Pound why can’t two brothers squashing beef be considered an almighty act ? Jus imagine two brothers of the same race disagree who also play for the same team who also work at the same job and come from the same support system. You mean to tell me it’s nothing divine about that in todays time where we literally thrive off negativity and death ?!

    • Zo Pound says:

      Why it got to be 2 mighty brothers do it matter that’s what’s wrong now you sound foolish frfr.

  3. Becoming On Purpose ‘22 says:

    Finesse bringing real back, he be speaking his mind, that with the shit!!💯💯

  4. Popeana0303 says:

    Mane you guys make me feel proud to see you working together
    I’m going to find out how to buy 💵 y’all music ✌🏿🔥🔥

  5. straight out da swamp says:

    One of the greatest moments in rap history 💯

  6. HoodzoneProductions says:

    LOVE THIS this shit shows growth and development between the BOTH of you (This What they Want To See) 💯💯

    • Jerome Joyner says:

      @Johnathan Thomas Naw my guy they both Big Vice Lord.

    • Tango Downx2 says:

      @Darrell Thomas yeah you can because they two so call black brother’s who chose to reason with one another instead of killing one another! This is natural growth and development. Has nothing to do with being vice lord or not

    • Darrell Thomas says:

      @Johnathan Thomas neither of them are Bloods. They are Vice lords

  7. Droppa57KgX says:

    Too hard. Love the unity. They sound so good on a track together. Wonder how many more hits we’d get if more of these dudes squash their differences.

  8. Mitch Jagger says:

    This shit so trill & solid I thought it was clickbait 🔥🔥🔥
    Ness2x gained a whole nother level of respect from me outside of mursik since I seen that big factz podcast 💯
    🅱️ank deserves Oscar over there at (BFP) for basically orchestrating this gem 💎 and you can tell that boy bank genuinely wanna see 2x prosper in life 🤞🏾 that “intervru” 😂 gave me chills rns the biggest s/o to them folks ova day ‼️🐐🙏🏾

  9. Eric Horn says:

    As a fan and as a man that has had differences with close friends it’s good to see these young Kings put whatever issues they had to the side and back to the business! SALUTE!!!!!

  10. Mr. LaQuantez Gilbert says:

    Love my state maneeee, glad to see y’all squash that shit and get back to making music and getting money, keep that shit going and don’t let the haters get in the way bruh, 💯

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