‘Finish the Lyric’ with Ellen, James Corden & Jesse Tyler Ferguson

‘Finish the Lyric’ with Ellen, James Corden & Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Ellen and the Grammy Awards host went head to head in this musical game, with the “Modern Family” star as first-time host.

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20 Responses

  1. Jimmy “Tito” Beastie says:

    Damn this is the earliest I’ve been to any video

  2. thatssoriya says:

    legit want to be friends with james corden

  3. thatssoriya says:

    james cordens laugh is iconic ?

  4. Daniel Lim says:

    This needs to be an app. Ellen, make this a freaking app!!

  5. JustinBieber VEVO says:

    my teacher looks like James Corden…really considering he is him!

  6. Chanel Speaks says:

    James Corden is just the cutest thing and his laugh is amazing….

  7. Sneha Bhandari says:

    Ellen & James Corden Together ? I dont even need to watch the vid.. I
    already know its amazing..
    & James is hosting the Grammy Awards .. cant wait for it..

  8. Hania Mokhtar says:

    James’ laugh gives me life

  9. Hairy Head Ass says:

    His laugh is so funny ?

  10. Eliza Ashley says:

    Oh that’s right. The Grammies are this weekend…

    Twenty One Pilots better get a Grammy.

  11. Dee Jay says:

    I knew Ellen would get ‘bitch better have my money’ she sang it on lipsync
    battle with jimmy fallon

  12. ARIEL says:

    i never imagined these three in the same room doing something like this. it
    happened, and now i love it.

  13. Ambika Maharjan says:

    I’m so sad this was only 6 mins. I totally wish if they had continued like
    10 minutes more or sth. lol

  14. fragilefrances says:

    We need a Drop the Mic with Ellen ?

  15. Kathrine Villemoes says:

    if tayor swifts management takes this down because of Bad Blood i am gonna
    sue them!

  16. Rolland Ibrahim says:

    Did James lose some weight or is it just the camera?

  17. Sarah buse Ozen says:

    How did bitch not get censored? ?

  18. maina ek says:

    I just love James corden ❤❤

  19. BuzzBug says:

    When Ellen sang Rihanna’s song ?

  20. Soralella71 says:

    This “music” is absolutely horrible.

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