Finn Bálor vs. Braun Strowman: Raw, Jan. 21, 2019

Finn Bálor vs. Braun Strowman: Raw, Jan. 21, 2019

WWE’s first Universal Champion takes on The Monster Among Men as Brock Lesnar looks on from ringside.


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55 Responses

  1. xBig says:

    Brock lesnar with the f5!!!!! *At royale rumble* 5 , 4 ,3 ,2 ,1… Brock lesnar knew he F* ed up. *THE DEMON IS HERE!!!!*

  2. RAJZ SHEKHAR says:

    Demon king we all waiting for u

  3. ItzHeroGamer MC says:

    Belly to belly isnot DQ. And F5 is?!!!

    • Shun Numbers says:

      +J.S G.C He caught a man being thrown at him and decided to just throw him over his shoulder. Simple, since it is just a throw and Brock was just getting someone off him it is a technicality

    • J.S G.C says:

      +Shun Numbers If you don’t know,
      That’s a suplex, so your comment is awful

    • J.S G.C says:

      These noobs doesn’t Even know the rules,
      That’s why Wwe break the rules when they want

    • alexander the awesome says:

      ItzHeroGamer MC that’s what I was thinking only explanation since he caught him unintentionally he didn’t jeopardize the match but the F5 was deliberate

    • Oshane Patterson says:

      +TurtleBoi 23 Ikr.

  4. Dean Ambrose says:

    So that means Braun will interfere in Finn vs Brock and maybe will try to help Finn to beat Brock

  5. YimiG 2083 says:

    Finn Balor: The next universal champion

  6. YimiG 2083 says:

    Who else thought Balor was gonna win before Lesnar got involved?

  7. Tyler Spencer says:

    I hope Finn unleashes the Demon this sunday

    • varun bhaskar says:

      +samjmc01 You are wrong about one thing, I am not a Roman elitist and there is just one difference between Roman and Balor. Roman is a big, non-charismatic, stale boring superstar and Balor is a small, non-charismatic, stale boring superstar. They basically have a weight class difference but all the other attributes are the same.

    • Thomas Rodriguez says:

      Shut up. The demon sucks. Too. He’s a jobber. And that’s a fact Jack. So stop. You idiots are clueless and dont know nothing about entertainment. You dumb smarks

    • Hotcosby42 says:

      +varun bhaskar lmao are you stupid. The demon beated seth to become universal champion. Which means if brock bury the demon. Storywise seth should not be able to beat brock and hence since seth beated drew clean. Drew would also not stand a chance. I know you hate finn but next time think about what you are talking about. Also thats the reason the demon wont show up a t the rumble. Because if he loses the storyline goes batshit. Thats why it will be finn vs brock with no demon. I mean if you need more conviction watch the promo. No talk about the demon even if the rumble is in a week. So no demon

  8. SportsSPOILERS BD says:

    Who else thinks balor will beat lesnar?….. You believe in fairy tales ??

  9. Chris Anderson says:

    That is the first time I ever seen Brock watch a match at ringside

  10. Brock Lesnar official says:


  11. Srishti Bhagat says:

    Lesner vs Fin RR match spoiler : 10 German suplex and F5 to finn by lesner. Lesner’s doing his usual ups and downs in the ring laughing at Finn. Lesner make 1 bad move finn capitalizes. Finn carries the 2md half of the match. Then suddenly lesner feels script and match time is over. Here comes another F5. 1.2.3 Lesner’s still the champion. Good night everybody.

  12. Sunny Kumar says:

    Who want to see Demon king vs Brock lesnar

  13. Sameer Shaikh says:

    I want demon finn balor at royal rumble

  14. Surujmoy Bordoloi says:

    Who wants to see finn as demon in royal rumble..?

  15. Finn Bálor says:

    Anyone else remembers?
    My name is Brock Lesnar!
    Here comes the pain.
    God made me strong,
    Forgot to put the brain.?

  16. Shivendra Pratap Singh says:

    Ok. If finn beat brock then we stay , otherwise we go AEW

  17. Motivational Talks says:

    *Who wants to see Demon Balor Vs Brock Lesnar*

  18. Gourav Vasishat says:

    Lesnar comes rarely?
    Attacks suddenly?
    Wins regularly?
    Similar storyline in recent years. Boring.?

  19. Juan Miguel Enriquez says:

    shouldn’t Brock’s suplex at 1:09 count as a DQ? i’m confused ?

  20. Sufiyan Khan says:


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