Fiorina drops like Cruz polls

Fiorina drops like Cruz polls

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20 Responses

  1. Brandon H says:

    Cruz is like, “If I’m going down, I’m taking one of you losers with me and
    we’ll lose together. Now who’s with me?” And Fiorina’s like, “Pick me! Pick

  2. Andrew Zimmern says:


  3. Guitar Hazer says:


  4. Ken McGee says:

    Such a gentleman. Ted comes out, looks at her on the ground and then turns
    back to shaking hands and acts like he never saw her on the ground. Douche

  5. Wayne McBride says:

    I flashed on the ali/frazier fight.Down goes frazier,down goes
    frazier.Might want to outsource your next intro speech.Trump 2016!

  6. Patrick Dritlein says:


  7. Vegan Juggernaut says:

    Somebody John Cena this ASAP

  8. Thomas Schack says:

    physics heard Carly and were like, get the hell out of here!

  9. Dark Arts says:


  10. Tommy Tunez says:

    Carly FAILorina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Middle Man says:

    Bernie sanders supporters be like: “Ted Cruz is going to lose to Donald
    Trump ??”

    Bernie sanders supporters be like: “BERNIE CAN STILL WIN the Democrat party
    is corrupt even though hillary is winning the popular vote, has the most
    delegates, and super delagates who support her, BERNIE CAN STILL WIN AND

  12. Shanda862004 says:

    Look at the numbers lady… He’s not winning shit ?

  13. Turbo Jones says:

    Music: “free fallin” by Tom Petty : )

  14. Stev M says:

    Let the Fiorinas hit the floor
    Let the Fiorinas hit the floor
    Let the Fiorinas hit the floor
    Let the Fiorinas hit the


  15. Jeff Oppold says:

    Huh, just like HP stock from the moment she got the job.

  16. Noah Robert Graves says:

    God, I hate these people. *TRUMP 2016!*

  17. Gaborko F says:

    that fall alone should be a sign

  18. Elias Trujillo says:

    Ted acted like he didn’t see Carly fall. He only her to be his vp pick to
    distract the media away from his failed alliance with Kasich. That’s what I
    heard and I believe it.

  19. GTR003121 says:

    What a shit show.

  20. 1tuuber says:

    Instant Karma.