Fire-breathing Backflip with Steve-O – The Slow Mo Guys

Fire-breathing Backflip with Steve-O – The Slow Mo Guys

It’s not every day that Steve-O comes to your house, but when he does, it’s pure Slow Mo magic.
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Special thanks to Geoff Ramsey for helping get that damn balloon up there and to Griffon Ramsey for lending me a the world’s butchest ladder.

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Filmed at 1000fps with Phantom Flex 4K
Fire-breathing Backflip with Steve-O – The Slow Mo Guys

Who Likes To Party – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Lenin says:

    Fuck Hillary fuck trump fuck Bernie, Steve-o for president

  2. imomortel says:

    1:35 – 1:55
    my reaction : “Oh! so it’ll be so simple, ok let’s try this at home”

  3. Tommy Flink says:

    Great video and a great colab. As always, magical Slow Mo!

  4. ThatGuyWhoSwims says:

    Damn Steve-O is one crazy dude

  5. Nick E. Watson says:

    that was dope

  6. Mastashredda7 says:

    So awesome

  7. Sean Connolly says:

    han solo dies

  8. Ethan Duller says:

    Should start a series called Slowm-O with Steve-O

  9. Squidy Chalker says:

    Fuck, Steve-o’s voice is completely fucked these days

  10. Babazooba says:

    Bruh so jealous that Steve-O came to your house

  11. Amby I says:

    When I first watched this (my first Slow mo guys vid) I was like wow that
    guy’s voice is really raspy

    Then he said” I’m going to breathe fire” and I was like yep

  12. JREvans_95 says:

    the face of rage 4:18

  13. onesicklizard1 says:

    Do vaping in slow mo, like tricks etc. ( eg- jellyfish )

  14. Jonathan Cutting says:

    This has to be in the top-10 most stupid things anyone has ever done. _;

  15. SwiftyLovesYou says:

    Oh god.. Steve O is getting gray hair.. I’m getting old.. :'(

  16. Mat Hiosa says:

    Coolest meets the stupidest 😀 Fanboy cry!

  17. da'rek hart says:

    soo much better than the Ubisoft sponsor video haha. please somehow do more
    videos like this in the future, and by ‘like this’ i mean genuine.

  18. Erik The Gamer says:

    steve – o is old

  19. Tray Hill says:

    crazy ass?

  20. Fabio Rodriguez says:

    When the balloon popped I lost it lol. so perfect. Balloon went full troll.