Fire in ZERO-G!!

Fire in ZERO-G!!

In a zero-g plane I experimented with flames and slinkies with surprising results.
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The zero-g plane allows for a lot of experiments to be conducted without the expense of getting equipment into orbit. Apparently 80% of microgravity research can be performed in a zero-gravity plane, which is much cheaper than going to space. The flame from the lighter seemed much lazier in zero-g because without weight there is no buoyant force and therefore no convection. This makes the process of combustion more challenging because it’s difficult for oxygen to reach the fuel.

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20 Responses

  1. A Box says:

    Screw notifications! Youtube junkies unite!

  2. IgnMarcaugai says:

    “Feels like someone laying on you. And I like that.” Me too.

  3. Europa says:

    Zero G? more like 76 G. Am I right?

  4. Supreet Sahu says:

    Ah, my favorite couple on YouTube. Derek and Dianna.

  5. Matt Aguilar says:

    Mars gravity is cool.  They didn’t have that in the Martian

  6. Szeperator says:

    How expensive is such a flight? Always wanted to do this 😀

  7. Scott Chegg says:

    How is it for the pilot?

  8. QuantumBraced says:

    Is standing at 1.8G the same as carrying a barbell that weighs .8x as much as you on your back?

  9. BatteredToast says:

    5:14 guy playing oculus rift in zero g xD

  10. Matt J says:

    why did u have to give into liberal propaganda.

  11. TheMrLeoniasty says:

    This has to be an amazing feeling I would really like to try this once in my lifetime

  12. Starlord The Emperor of Infinity! says:

    So, how many genders are there?

  13. Aaron Owen says:

    At 5:01 theres a guy in the background wearing a VR headset! In zero G that must be amazing

  14. Shamoil Khomosi says:

    Was the duration of this video supposed to be a pun? XD

  15. MrUrchu says:

    Last time I was that early, there were only two genders

  16. Branislav Bilý says:

    1:53 who is that beautiful lady?

  17. sirrus13 says:

    1:55 ok…that woman is gorgeous.

  18. SomeOne Else says:

    But there are still only 2 genders

  19. Good Simple Impact says:

    That looked so much fun!!

  20. Enke796 says:

    Does that mean that you can rip the fattest vape in hyperG?

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