Fire vs Water!

Fire vs Water!

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20 Responses

  1. Panah Rad says:

    *Flamethrower vs. Fire hose*

    Posted a GIF of this yesterday. Here is the video

  2. Weeble Wobs says:

    Kyogre vs. Groudon

  3. Viva Frei says:

    Those guys on the left are not exactly in they safest place in the world…
    lol. I could see this ending in disaster if the water pressure knocked over
    the flame thrower and it spewed gas all over those unprotected spectators.

  4. thekris9376 says:

    “It was super effective!”

  5. ethanL337 says:

    Well look at that…hydro cannon really IS super effective.

  6. Hornies says:

    If Water beat fire the guy shouldnt be hiding behind a sheild

  7. Allen Dugan says:

    Water got a head start

  8. Royal Devil says:

    The SLOW-MO guys need to film this!

  9. Nigel Naughton says:


  10. Rain Awareness says:

    Didn’t explode after attack, IGN/10

  11. Kevinacho Murillo says:

    Harry Potter vs Voldemort

  12. Terasode says:


  13. Solado says:

    Reminds me of cell vs Gohan Kamehameha battle.

  14. Jimmy Vu says:

    And that’s why you pick Squirtle.

  15. SubparPanda says:

    Good to know we’re safe from future dragon attacks

  16. Check Mate says:

    Ofcourse fire is weak against water, so water wins.

  17. loutiscrive says:

    discovering hot water?

  18. Yuri Mendes says:

    Firefighters are nice, but I’ll stick with Charmander.

  19. Chad Bell says:

    I think the only reason water one this one is because the device shooting
    the flames was substantialy smaller and was easily knocked over.

  20. Marco Vieira says:

    Fatality. Water wins