Firework DISASTER Caught on 360 Cam in 4k

Firework DISASTER Caught on 360 Cam in 4k

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20 Responses

  1. Luke Willoughby says:

    I always feel like i’m missing something on these 360 videos…

  2. BEN MCMANUS says:

    iv predicted every Casey neistat video that got over 1 million views and
    once again this video WILL get over 3 million views

  3. Keith Hopkin says:

    Awesome execution! Great idea!

  4. Toby Brown says:

    shittest video ever

  5. remyleouf says:

    putting the video in 4k if your screen is not 4k is useless

    • Sergio FTW says:

      +remyleouf then you have a nice 360p screen

    • whaleoi says:

      +remyleouf with 360 videos you are not looking at everything at once. So if
      you are watching a 4k 360 video you are only watching part of the 360 view
      which is actually in 1080p or something. So you have to set 360 videos to
      4k to get HD.

      If you watch this is 1080p it looks blurry because you are only watching
      part of the 1080p video which is probably in 480p or something.

  6. usa1327 says:

    +garrettthurman21 its the camera setup. every 360 video i have seen on
    youtube is like that. even the one blizzard gaming put out awhile back was
    the same way. i had this kicked to 1440s as all my net could stream and it
    was bad. i got a glimpse at the 4k aswell and even it looked like 480p
    normal vid

  7. Laurids Torp Carlsen says:

    I love that camra

  8. Paulo De Oliveira says:

    Jack’s silly grin at 2:08 in 4k is just surreal. just saying. lol

  9. SFE says:

    I pray those cameras were broken in the first place!!

  10. telsah1 says:

    Casey. I have to watch this again. Because all I did was follow Jack all
    around the room and even up to the ceiling and he made a right mess and
    even ended up winded. Casey – I have to watch again to watch you and then
    watch again because I want watch Jack again because that was an amazing
    messy performance & he took me all around the room 360 degrees worth 🙂 umm
    & he nearly blew up your office with a firework.

  11. telsah1 says:

    Casey how did you manage to do all that talking and not laugh at Jack?

  12. caspery says:

    amazing …. love it.

  13. AngryGremlin45 says:

    The hell was the point of this?

  14. DTAZ says:

    First of all, another interesting video, watched it 3 times for all the
    POV’s. Pretty funny to follow Jack, interesting to hear Casey (telling
    nothing new, if you’ve seen all the other video’s), kinda waist of time to
    watch Griffen, imo.

    This is just my opinion, no hate or anything at all. I just agree with some
    others. I’m not saying this is “shitty quality” but its not perfect, and no
    thats not anyones internet connection or type of platform
    (browser/computer/mobile device). The quality is much better than the other
    (might I say ammateur) 360 cam, but you cant say that the view you see is
    more than 720p quality I guess, for it being that the 8K/4K is spread
    out… so im not saying its not 4K… again 4K is just the resolution that
    is spread out in 360 here..
    Also I guess the camera or software will (need to) get updated, some parts
    of the screen missformed if jack or casey moved in a specific part, its
    normal for the time we are in with this being new and all.. again no hate

    To be honest, I love the vlogs and other stuff that are on the channel!
    Casey, please continue as you do 🙂 (I also say that for experimental
    videos like this for example).
    *Will hook up my Oculus to check that experience with this (havent done
    that yet).

    Hope I did not offended anyone with this ;)

  15. Mary Delamare says:

    Can anyone get 4k to work on their phone? It only works on my laptop for me
    and it’s more fun to spin around with a phone rather than click and drag a

  16. Neil Gibbins says:

    Casey was such a distraction while jack was trying to tidy up his

  17. JTarpy 614 says:

    I have to be missing something because all I saw was a video that only
    allowed me to see your floor. Am I missing something? Can an iPad not view
    this video properly?

  18. Mateusz Kubala says:

    WTF happened there?