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  1. Joeyissexy says:

    Honestly man I think you lost a lot of quality shooting only on the phone with no color correction. I get that Samsung payed for the trip, but the wasted potential kills me.

  2. Rowan Dusseau says:

    i thought u were married?

  3. Áron Forstner says:

    how did Candice allow this?

  4. Jeremy Collings says:

    Yuck, I am a big Casey fan but that was just pure ego. Poor taste.

  5. Chemical Gaming says:


  6. joseph boss Molina says:

    Did you get divorced Casey

  7. leothepro faxito says:

    i didnt samsung galaxy s8 had a drone attached to it ahahah

  8. Sven Vee says:

    I see people complaining about this being an ad of sorts or about the actresses and stuff…
    MEanwhile I’m just sitting here pumped for summer and thinking like “holy shat Samsung’s S8 camera is incredible”
    Great movie Casey, always an inspiration in storytelling 👌👏

  9. Reevu D says:

    Very misleading to say that everything is shot with the S8 and not mention the thousands of dollars worth of accessories, rigs, drones, lenses, microphones, wind filters and other equipment that allowed the S8 to take those shots. If you just have an S8, you cannot make this video.

  10. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    that thumbnail thou dont read my name

  11. Кирилл Гуляев says:

    That is the coolest fucking video I’ve ever seen

  12. Cruz says:

    Casey s next Vlog Title
    How I got a black eyed

  13. swodox SS says:

    God damn, filmed on a phone , made the video 10 times better for me personally

  14. Compace says:

    bomb ass video but, this was a “commercial” for samsung?

  15. Brian Morgan says:

    It might have been asked, but where’s Candice?

  16. JavaCoded says:

    I feel like your marriage isn’t going too well…

  17. Sebastian D says:

    Wake me up when September ends lol

  18. KG says:

    HA! Candice is gonna film the divorce on a oneplus 5.

  19. Dr's Pepperoni says:

    The girl doesn’t have ass in the thumbnail

  20. globalklaus says:

    Next vlog is going to be called “MY WIFE WANTS A DIVORCE”.

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