First Flight

First Flight

Highlights from Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle as it makes its first developmental test flight.

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17 Responses

  1. 1rcproductions says:

    Just waiting for Dr. Evil to appear…

  2. Bob Yang says:

    First dildo in space?

  3. Paul Smith says:

    Looks like a giant penis & the sky’s my bitch!

  4. Michael Pietrzak says:


  5. FunJumprVR says:

    At first I though I had a moment of immaturity…

  6. DJR3PUBLIK says:

    Well i guess they did need to penetrate the atmosphere hahah but seriously
    that thing looks like a huge p#nis. SpaceX is gonna land their falcon 9
    rocket before you do, sucks to suck.

  7. Brahmas168 says:

    I can’t be the only one who sees a massive space dick am I? There’s no way.

  8. Luigi Bianco says:

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  9. Xander Baggins says:

    Seems like a rocket launch is the only time portrait mode is ok.

  10. Abraham Navarro says:

    There goes my dick…

  11. burdengamingkappa says:

    too bad it looks like a giant dildo

  12. Mike McDoge says:

    Nice! Very happy that the space industry is beginning to pick up momentum.

  13. dasdew2 says:

    It’s always beautiful to see a space ship launch.
    All the complex algorithms and ideas, all the hard work and dedication, all
    that time and effort, all to reach out into the cosmos.

  14. Aki Tora says:

    *Blue Origin’s* first flight.
    Video released by the company shows the spacecraft, called New Shepard,
    blasting off to an altitude of 307,000 feet before its crew capsule
    separates from a propulsion module. Named after the first US astronaut in
    space, Alan Shepard, the craft is meant to take off and land vertically,
    utilizing a reusable first-stage booster—the same approach SpaceX is using
    in its Falcon 9 rocket.

    #blueorigin #space

  15. SauceAndWater says:

    Next thing you know, there will be a giant space capsule crashing through
    your roof delivering you your packages, just amazing. 

  16. mytube373 says:

    I love when it ejaculated…..I mean deployed, the parachutes.

  17. Will Am says:

    it seems like they found your mum’s dildo