First Half Highlights: Michigan at Ohio State | Big Ten Football

First Half Highlights: Michigan at Ohio State | Big Ten Football

The top plays of the first half between Michigan and Ohio State.

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61 Responses

  1. Loose Change9 says:

    Michigan better step up their game. Only reason it’s close is because of that botched kickoff return.

    Their defense is a sieve.

  2. Phantom Red says:

    My parents and me screamed happily after this play

  3. CoolDude Fizzpopp says:


  4. Lil-killy says:


  5. CarterSause says:

    “Michigan has the Number #1 defense…”

  6. Makiah M. says:


  7. Derrick Thomas says:

    Ok Michigan its the 2nd half prove that you have the #1 defense in the nation and stop the Buckeyes

  8. Inferno says:

    These michigan scrubs think they can hang with bama??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. David Ellis says:

    The D needs to step it up.

  10. Puppy Cuteness says:

    Jim Harbaugh is overrated. Michigan can never beat Ohio State. Harbaugh should be fired.

    • Redneck Learns Dutch says:

      Good I liked Tressler better!

    • poet 247 says:

      +V2 if so then you have to deal with Ryan Day whose offense just lit you up

    • Puppy Cuteness says:

      V2 If he losses to Northwestern maybe? He doesn’t look good medically. He could have stress illness? I don’t really know? I’m not a doctor. I know Meyer is an elite college football coach. He could be back next season? It’s all up in the air with OSU and Meyer’s future? Only time can tell. On the sidelines, Urban Meyer yelling and getting his blood pressure up. He’s bending down and looks confused sometimes. Bottom line, something’s not right with him.

    • Puppy Cuteness says:

      The Big Brother Why? He’s 0-4 against Ohio State. It’s not looking good for him. Possibly, give Harbaugh one more year and that’s it. If he doesn’t win the B1G Ten Championship game in 2019, then he’s done. It’s up to Michigan’s athletic department and Ward Manuel for Harbaugh future. I know Pep Hamilton and Offensive coaching staff should be gone. People in Ann Arbor are very disappointed in him today.

    • poet 247 says:

      If Harbaugh doesnt win the Big10 nxt year and loses to us in Ann Arbor then he is likely cooked. No one else would get another chance after 0-5

  11. Miss Watkins says:

    Lets go michigan

  12. Oscar Evans says:

    And Michigan said they wants Alabama…

    • Andy Tihonow says:

      Oscar Evans my issue was they said the revenge tour was over after today. Well I guess prepare for another bowl loss because hey the season is over now

  13. Unknown Burger1 says:

    Buckeyes for the win! Easy game what can I say Michigan isn’t good at all lol

  14. yee boiii says:

    Now that OSU is handling Michigan decisively fans be like Michigan was overrated anyway. Ohio State is taking out a solid Michigan team. So stop the excuses. Every single news headline said Michigan would beat OSU. Nobody gave them a chance. Well how bout dem Buckeyes.

    • Avian says:

      Yea, I’ve been a fan of Michigan (Because I hated Michigan St) as a Nebraska fan. Michigan fans have been way too cocky this year. Glad to see them lose and baby rage about it

    • CoolDude Fizzpopp says:

      yee boiii I love Michigan, and I agree, you won fair in square

    • David Mazzini says:

      I’m the furthest thing from a Michigan fan but they were extremely overrated and Purdue man handled Thee Ohio State earlier this season, they’re both Destined for forgettable Bowl Birtths ;So Whoooo Cares!!

    • Shandog southwest says:

      How bout when you don’t win the National championship lol 😂

    • Kidd Marlowe says:

      Congrats OSU. You played your best game today. Looking forward to our next game with you in 2019. Best to you in the BIG10 Champ game. Go Big Red!

  15. Scott Davidson says:

    Michigan in AGONY!!!! THEY GONNA CALL for Harbaugh’s head!

  16. yee boiii says:

    Ohio State just scored 55 pts on Michigan’s defense which has been playing very, very well all year. Very remarkable. I honestly thought Michigan would win this one for sure. Never count out the Buckeyes.

  17. David Mazzini says:

    Never liked Harbaugh, the guy is false bravado personified.A sissy at heart who was routinely lambasted on the sidelines by Ditka when he was starting for Chicago ;Never stood up for himself but likes to play the tough guy role with the media and ppl he deems weak.

  18. Brandon Calhoun says:


  19. SXI96 says:

    I never thought OSU would put up that many points on this Michigan defense, damn that is embarrassing

  20. Doah and Duce podcast says:

    Urban: Knock knock…
    Harbaugh: Who’s there?
    Urban : Owen
    Harbaugh: Owen who?
    Urban: 0-4

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