First Impression Peel Off Makeup !!!

First Impression Peel Off Makeup !!!

Have you guys heard about the peel off makeup trend? Well Michelle and I decided to give this trend a try. This is our first impression, let us know if you would try out peel off makeup! Its such a innovative and creative way of applying makeup. Its was so fun to try this out together. We will be doing more in the future !!!

Michelle’s Youtube Channel :

Products Used :
Berrisom Peel Off Lipstick
Etude Peel off Eyebrow Tint
My scheming Acne and Black head Removal

My Sheer Black Bodysuit :

Watch the video I filmed with Field day transforming Parents into completely different people to prank the kids :

Thank you all for watching and Have an Awesome Day !!!!

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20 Responses

  1. Britneygee says:

    Your guys voices are so sweet! I can’t take it!!!! You guys are so
    beautiful & sweet.

  2. Iysha Mis says:

    Did Promise shave her eyebrows?

  3. Rainbowglimpse says:

    Pilaf makeup
    Sexy, delicious, and irresistible. Not to mention low-carb.

  4. Nurjahan Ahmed says:

    michelle looks so awsome in that oil slick hair

  5. Myoungji Cho says:

    한국제품이다ㅠㅠ 둘다 넘 이쁘시다

  6. haha89 says:

    i remember michelle used to be so much darker than this? what has she done?

  7. darcey curran says:

    Omg half way through the video I was like they look likes something.
    penguins ?

  8. Clara_Zoe_slife says:

    I think it’s fun to try the peel off makeup but is it safe for longtime
    using? I kind of feel unsafe with this trend. Btw, what’s the color of
    Michelle’s hair? It’s gorgeous <3

  9. AlanaSeraDoesRoblox x says:

    Yayyy now a duet again!!!! Yayyy gosh I waited

  10. Ирина Гладенкова says:


  11. ra wan says:

    mich looked realllyyy cuute here ! & i fell in love with her hair♡ wanna
    see u guys in more videos♡♡

  12. Tessa hoi says:

    is michelle still with dominique?

  13. Diana Shariff says:

    My two favourite gurus! Do more video, please please please ❤️

  14. KOBA5995 says:


  15. Bareaa Kameel says:

    yay ! Finley video together! I love these girls and I’m all ready

  16. kayliana hamilton says:

    who else is jealous and wishes they had that compact? ?

  17. RosalineScarlett says:

    I think the lip tint would work better in a darker color on them – both
    Promise & Michelle have commented that they have naturally pigmented lips
    and they’re often covering the edges with concealer to change the shape.
    I’m on the other end of the spectrum – I’m always loving stain products
    because my lips have very little natural pigment and look kind of… dead.
    The eyebrow thing is new to me – I prefer more natural brow looks and I
    like the shape of mine, but a lot of the hairs are this almost transparent
    blonde color, streaked through with more of my usual dark blonde/brown, so
    they look patchy even though there are hairs! Plus I’m a sucker for peeling
    things, too.

  18. chubbycheeks says:

    am I dreaming? i’ve been looking forward to this collab in foreveeeeer!!!

  19. Mell magisa says:

    where can i buy that brow tint ?

  20. 애리 says:

    아이브로우는 좀 안좋아요 사용후기보면 나오기도하는뎅..