First Impressions with Tina Fey

First Impressions with Tina Fey

Jimmy and Tina Fey take turns picking random celebrities to impersonate on the spot, like Morgan Freeman and Elmo, and trying to guess who it is.

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First Impressions with Tina Fey

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19 Responses

  1. Jennie Ariana says:

    i couldn’t take my eyes off the set.
    they added snow to the mini skyline.
    how fucking adorable.

  2. Megan Parker says:

    What…that’s it?

    I want more!

  3. Shawn Besabella says:

    Tina’s Elmo impression could’ve doubled as Michael Jackson

  4. Razorfish says:

    Elmo = nailed it

  5. EM1LL1E says:

    Tina’s Elmo could also pass for Cindy Lauper.

  6. IXM360 says:

    I could seriously seriously watch this for 20 minutes straight

  7. GirlEnchanted says:

    Does anyone remember when they played husband and wife on one of the iCarly
    movies…? Nope, just me then, cool.

  8. Alex Coreable says:

    LOL the elmo part was so good. (btw i’m pretty sure they were shown the
    answers, tina always looked at one end and she guessed everything almost
    immediately and she didn’t seem very genuinely surprised or anything after
    jimmy guessed it correctly, it was especially obvious at the barbara
    walters part)

  9. Jade Carmen says:

    Pretty sure this was the same concept as Alfie’s (PointlessBlog) youtube
    impressions video with Tyler Oakley

  10. armancz says:

    I love the tick Tina has, must be really annoying after a while thou.

  11. Faizol Refaeil says:

    I like the Elmo one ???

  12. LegendVerse says:

    Absolutely love her. Anytime I watch Tiny and Jimmy together, I smile ear
    to ear

  13. vcarter0723 says:


  14. TheTrippleTKA says:

    Tina Fey is NOT funny.

  15. Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

    Tina as Sofia Vergara killed me!!!

  16. SchmidtHappensTX says:

    Too funny! ♡

  17. wise1 says:

    i don’t find female comedians funny at all

  18. Smaher says:

    Yo, Jimmy, can I get a small loan of a million dollars?

  19. O'shea Smith says:

    Her movie promotes women to go out and be whores. I can’t follow