First Kiss Today – Songify This

First Kiss Today – Songify This

The romance guru Griffin describes the extreme twitterpation that inevitably accompanies receiving one’s first kiss. Video from

Health care deadline on 2/15 – – kissing people on the mouth deadline 2/14.

Song written with Danielson742 –
Produced with Michael Onufrak –

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20 Responses

  1. babu mehra says:


  2. Jay Koch says:

    Wow! Looks like Obama got to these guys too! So so sad!

  3. Partixicle says:

    Just waiting for that video when he has sex at age 13.

  4. Nick Gewo says:

    You stupid fucks need to shutup about how the paid promo was put into this
    video… Did shmoyoho make you pay to watch his amazing
    videos/remixes/songs? NO. You’re all a bunch of spoiled idiots that think
    everything has to be done YOUR way in peoples videos. How about you cunts
    start your own youtube channel and turn down thousands of dollars for a 20
    second ad in your video. HIS CHANNEL HIS CONTROL! Go try to control your
    own selves by not being scum bags on his channel, when its free, and his

  5. patrick star says:

    He has ravioli sauce on his cheek XD

  6. Cynthia Sisemore says:


  7. Cynthia Sisemore says:

    Touching and awesome for the record!

  8. NoturnoTheGamer says:

    cd os br?

  9. Emily Renee says:

    *the loneliness sets in* how does this little boy get his first kiss before

  10. TheAssassin409 says:

    this is why 7 year olds shouldnt have phones. Also to all you butt hurt
    people, consider the obamacare portion of this video a public service
    announcement. If you dont have healthcare you are going to start getting

  11. Meow Meow Meow Galaxy says:

    Omg, loved this so much. He has got swagger if he got hair first kiss when
    he was 7.

  12. TheDsj311 says:


  13. The Invader says:

    As sleazy as this feels, I can at least respect Biden coming down to this
    level of accessibility. His appearance on Parks and Rec had the same

  14. Elton Fir says:

    3 years passed scince i stopped watching “Songify” videos… Resub.

  15. BeautifulFun says:

    He got that greeting card scam thing from modern family

  16. Kepa 2004 says:

    Keep it up,also hi mr.vice president!!

  17. Stephan Shaffer says:

    I liked the plan I had, thanks for nothing Joe.

  18. Philip Murray says:

    Fail because of doofus Joe Bite-Me. Otherwise like your work.

  19. William Donaldson says:

    Yo, Mr. Vice President, just checked out the official website for my state,
    I’m age 23 I don’t eat animals and I exercise 5 times a week. They want
    $155 per month. My cell phone bill is half that and I use that every hour
    of every day. Haven’t needed a doctor in a decade. What do I do? Do I take
    the fine? I work hard for my money.

  20. Wildsky Gaming says:

    I was 13, got a kiss once by my cousin so many times