First Look at the Hole-Punch Display!

First Look at the Hole-Punch Display!

A closer look at the camera cutout hole-punch display ?

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Phone provided by Huawei for video.

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75 Responses

  1. Marques Brownlee says:

    UPDATE: An official statement from Huawei to me about the unevenness I saw around the camera hole:

    The area around the front camera on the HONOR View 20 uses a special structural design process in order to house the 25MP camera in the 4.5mm “hole” under the glass. We also apply a special technique to prevent light emitted by the display from entering the camera. This may cause the area to appear slightly uneven. This is completely normal and does not impact the front camera image quality in any way.

  2. Steven Cheah says:

    Copycat design! Even the side positioning is copied. OMG Huawei!

  3. Taikamuna says:

    _Any phone can have a hole if you just use a drill_

  4. Rohiit Ghumare says:

    Everyone else : punch hole display
    Markass brownie : hole punch display

  5. João Marmelo says:

    first thing i see when the video starts is a camera on the top left, so your going to ask if this bothers me anytime soon….

  6. nishant kashyap says:

    No notch is the best but hole punch is preferrable over that stupid notch.

  7. Badar Shahzad says:

    I prefer the tear drop notch over this.

  8. Krutón says:

    Do people really need the front facing camera that much? I never use it, even if I want to take a selfie I flip the phone around for the better quality camera… Is it just me?

    • Bho Loo says:

      To unlock the phone, fast security feature

    • Ronnie Kiarie says:

      What generation do u live in?

    • Cavi587 says:

      +MISCHIEF RELOADED I guess it’s just vocal minority. There isn’t much of them, but they are a lot more noticeable than your normal, everyday users so I don’t blame you for putting that label on a bigger group, certainly we both have certain biases, but I guess it still comes to a conclusion that the front facing camera is here to stay and whether you use it or not is up to you.

    • David Elion says:

      Ariton I vídeo call all the fckin time dunno how can u even say that shit

    • Esteban Banuelos says:

      +MISCHIEF RELOADED Nah don’t take back what you said. Front facing cameras, for me at least, are just an annoyance. I never use them and if I want a picture of myself I’d rather have someone else take a picture of me with the back camera. Would definitely rather have a full display than something in the way that I don’t use

  9. Abdul Basit Shaikh says:

    The number of times he mentions the word ‘hole’ in this video: 18.

  10. C L says:

    0:05 My man playing rocket league.. (look at the TV)

  11. Robin Offringa says:

    This looks so much better than those notches.. Also if the camera is in the corner I don’t mind it that much! This is the best full screen design until now imo.

    • Bleak Panda says:

      I still prefer Note 9’s infinity display, but this design is interesting as well

    • Glenn Pittsley says:

      +Bleak Panda s7 is wayyy better, it has a home button.

    • Bleak Panda says:

      +Glenn Pittsley I mean, every phone from the past will always have something better. For example, the HTC one M7-9 had front facing speakers, something that won’t ever make a comeback.

      When comparing phones, it seems more appropriate to compare against the current competitors than something from the past.

    • lunusT Tasker says:

      +Glenn Pittsley so does the Note 9. Its under the display

  12. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    The future nobody asked for.

  13. David Arnold says:

    Bruh matched shirt to back of phone

  14. Abhiram Haritas says:

    I prefer this wayy more to the notch. And in fact, I like it to the side – a middle hole would look uglier imo

  15. Rittik Basak says:

    If they can drill the screen..why can’t they drill on top or bottom of the phone for a headphone jack?
    *W* *E* *I* *R* *D*

  16. Jonathan Pratama says:

    For me sliding mechanism is way better than this hole-thing

  17. _TrueFaith_ says:

    First ppl criticized notch over bezels… Now they criticize punch hole over notch?

  18. s a m p l e t e x t says:

    That would drive me insane. I prefer the tear drop notch far more.

  19. Spirit says:

    I’d love a phone with absolutely no bezel or notch or hole – I don’t want a selfie camera.

  20. FarryEntertainment says:

    Can we just get rid of the whole front facing camera all together? I truly dont care about selfies. Only thing would be video calls. But what about making a small second screen on the back? I only make 2 video calls a year orso and moslty with my laptop anyway.

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