First Look | White Men Can’t Jump | 20th Century Studios

First Look | White Men Can’t Jump | 20th Century Studios

Play hard, hustle harder.

White Men Can’t Jump, starring Sinqua Walls and Jack Harlow, streaming May 19 on Hulu.

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30 Responses

  1. G CarMichael says:

    Could you imagine if we lived in a world where people actually created something original?

  2. anthony cheesman says:

    You can’t duplicate the chemistry woody and Wesley had .

  3. Bens Place says:

    Would have rather seen Woody and Wesley back together again in “Old men can’t jump”

  4. Guy Langlois says:

    The original is 🔥 .

  5. Tim Arnold says:

    Oh look! Another great film that has absolutely no need for a remake

  6. JT Golden says:

    At least it’s on Hulu and not in theaters 😂

  7. kahiauandkeeaola808 says:

    I know this ain’t gon be anywhere near as great as the original. But I’m just glad to see Harlow finally acting. He’s such a character this needed to happen lmao

  8. MrGiggleZ says:

    hard pass. woody & wesley will always be number 1

  9. Jay Of The North says:

    This is legitimately an SNL skit made for theatres

  10. E J says:

    If you haven’t seen the og film, I highly recommend it

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