First-Look Xbox Series X Gameplay on Inside Xbox

First-Look Xbox Series X Gameplay on Inside Xbox

Boot up a new episode of Inside Xbox this Thursday, May 7 @8am PT for a first look at gameplay from our partners for the Xbox Series X..

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92 Responses

  1. Maetheos says:

    If that turns out to be the startup screen and sound – great!

  2. CoupeLifeVQ says:

    Bought the x day one even though I was overseas. Going to buy this Series X day one. Going to be super sick

  3. Lord Slothful says:

    If that’s the boot up screen/sound I’m gonna nut

  4. Daniel Caicedo says:

    Subtitles: (new Xbox sound)
    Me: 🙂

  5. ErenJaeger says:

    Oh my God i’ve got chills listening the new start up sound 😍

  6. Fares Sh20 says:

    When you thought it was the booting screen but it might be can’t wait until may 7th
    “EDIT” I checked that it’s the new sound for xbox boot up if you turn captions on didn’t know.

  7. iReiGN xx says:

    Definitely similar to their marketing so far. Works for me

  8. Vic Germain says:

    I can’t wait to turn on my Series X and hear this beautiful sound

  9. MoRpH says:

    OMFG the start up took some aspect of the original xbox boot up screen .

  10. ImJustAGuy says:

    If thats the new start up sound, I love it. Sounds nostalgic

  11. Caynon Artibee says:

    Microsoft: oh I know what the ladies like

  12. ShawnxOnx10 says:

    When you die and appear in Heaven…

  13. Peter Fletcher says:


  14. Role Playing Garchomp says:

    This sounds like the Windows 98 startup.

  15. VIT77tm says:

    Somehow it feels like it was inspired by windows 98 startup sound and i like it

  16. Peekat You says:

    Me: * buy the new xbox.
    My: *credit card chuckels im in danger.

  17. Thomas Carter says:

    This start up sequence just cradled me in its arms and told me that everything’s gonna be okay.

  18. Mikey Ohara says:

    Captions: “New Xbox Sound”
    Deaf people: 💃💃💃

  19. Josip Makjanic says:

    One day, this sound will bring you nostalgia. It’s so warm and satisfying.

  20. BanditRants says:

    Me: *buys xbox
    Editing career: *dies

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