First OFFICIAL Madden 23 Gameplay!

First OFFICIAL Madden 23 Gameplay!

Presented by EA Creator Network. In this Madden 23 gameplay video, I’ll be showing off every team in Madden 23 and giving away copies to you! For more Madden 23 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays & more…be sure to subscribe! #Madden23

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21 Responses

  1. EricRayweather says:

    Posting some extra videos to my 2nd channel in a little bit:

  2. RoRoRohan 576 says:

    Love your challenges and gameplay, your vids are always on point.

  3. NateInSpace says:

    I just love using the new rookies every year, I think it’s just exciting. Especially when you develop them in Franchise it is just like looking at a universe of how their careers may shape out

  4. Nathan Polzin says:

    Love this challenge, not only for the challenge aspect. But also seeing every team’s offense in this video. Definitely a great content Eric! Keep up the great videos. 💯

  5. Scottydude456 says:

    Thanks for giving an honest look into the game so we can decide for ourselves the quality of the game. In my opinion, gameplay looks a lot cleaner, but still contains a lot of animation-based bugs with players tripping over nothing. However, I do think that there is at least some progress being made to improve gameplay and realism compared to previous versions like the better zone defense. Also I think it’s so ridiculous that EA is not releasing the next gen version on PC this year, makes zero sense to me

  6. GameTime Tennis says:

    Wow me and my son just started watching you and now he’s even more excited about madden 23 than he ever was . Thanks for your energy on this channel . Send a copy this way lol

  7. Jerm says:

    The only madden YouTuber I watch when it comes to the new games and updates throughout the year about the game, for the past few years, keep making great content bro.

    • BRDI Horns says:

      @Virkon because madden sucks most of the time?

    • Virkon says:

      @Ga Coach Trainer They look forward to the game. Why would they spend time on watching someone’s channel when all they do is hate on the game 24/7 and promote much more shitty alternatives such as maximum football and football simulator. Idek why people spend so much time on something they hate instead of doing something they actually like. It’s weird.

    • Ga Coach Trainer says:

      Should check out ryanmoody channel.

    • Tokyo Uzimoki says:

      @Elijah “Zahy” Bell on bro 🤝

    • Elijah “Zahy” Bell says:

      Facts honestly main guy I trust when it comes to Madden💯💯💯💯💯

  8. Lexi says:

    I love the how the T-shirt hang under the jerseys definitely a good addition to the gear in this game. 🔥🔥👌🏾👌🏾

  9. Ray Harris says:

    Loving the work you’re puttin in on the game man! Keep doin your thing bro

  10. TykirB says:

    I feel like you keep me in the madden loop lol, like I’ve always played it since I grew up but every time I try to quit madden and I watch one of your videos u make the game look so fun and your videos in general are really good. Been a fan of the vids since madden 20❤️

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