First Official Madden 24 Gameplay!

First Official Madden 24 Gameplay!

Presented by EA Creator Network. Madden 24 gameplay is here! For more Madden 24 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays & more…be sure to subscribe! #Madden24

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26 Responses

  1. EricRayweather says:

    Make sure to sub to the 2nd channel for some extra early vids I’ll be dropping this weekend:

  2. Jaden Dofflemyer says:

    I love the game winning TD celebration. Actually gives the players some emotion out in the field instead of standing there like robots after a huge play

  3. D Christo says:

    6:15 The players actually show excitement after a game winning touchdown rather than other maddens

  4. Ilikefootball says:

    Eric never disappoints

  5. PCFreezy says:

    I feel like it looks great but I can only imagine the horrible bugs and issues that they’ve hidden for us

  6. Javius Robinson says:

    I actually liked the movement in 23 but I’m actually really hype for 24 u can actually see da changes and improvements definitely like in the smoother strides the wides out haves

  7. Jon Levin says:

    You can still see players freezing after disengaging from blocks. The scramble to outside is broken as well as the broken plays being spammed

  8. Gabe Vansuch says:

    one thing i’d like to see EA add is throwback logos/end zones when teams wear their throwback uniforms

  9. cheez says:

    u do so much for us thanks Eric u deserve that 1 mil ❤

  10. CJ Smallz says:

    The world needs an Eric Rayweather Madden 24 franchise series

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